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With Mediahawk’s marketing analytics software understand customer behaviour, elevate your experience, and improve your conversion rates.

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How Mediahawk marketing analytics tools helps you

Perfect for businesses who receive phone calls from prospects and clients, Mediahawk gets you closer to the insights that matter.

Map the customer journey

Get an insight into your customers’ journeys so you can better optimise your campaigns and marketing strategies.

Optimise campaigns for growth

Combine online and offline insights to see which campaigns are performing well and invest more time and money into tactics that work.

Make budget go further

Cut spend on campaigns that don’t deliver results and get the most out of your marketing budget.

Drive up leads and sales

Use insights to improve customer service and customer experience, helping to boost conversions.

The only marketing analytics software you’ll need

Find your most profitable marketing mix

Bring your online and offline marketing activities together and get detailed insight on which channels lead to conversions.

Understand the value of every call

Pinpoint the marketing campaigns and channels that brings the most calls with advanced call tracking.

Have visibility of every visitor journey

Uncover insights from a visitor’s multiple website visits and which calls-to-action they made – before, during and after the conversation, and even when they didn’t call.

See customer behaviour like never before

Harness the insight from every conversation and reveal the callers most likely to buy with intelligent speech analytics.

See the true value of your marketing efforts

Identify which channels provide the most sales, higher value sales and sales of specific products. See every user journey from first contact to sale and after-sales.

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Get complete clarity on your marketing spend

You could be wasting precious spend on ineffective campaigns. Mediahawk identifies your best performing channels and campaigns, and the sources that assist them, so you can focus budget on what works best. Request a demo today to find out more.

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What is marketing analytics?

As a marketer, you need a reliable way to measure the performance of your campaigns. Marketing analytics tools help you do this.

When you have accurate and reliable campaign performance insights from marketing analytics tools, you can develop your marketing strategy for success, prove the value of your efforts and justify your marketing spend to the board.

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How does Mediahawk marketing analytics work?

In Mediahawk, a unique tracking code is assigned to all your marketing sources, while unique phone numbers can be applied to your social channels, billboard ads, direct mail and more.

When a prospect or customer calls you, Mediahawk’s marketing analytics tools collect data, including the caller’s details and the marketing source where the call originated.

Mediahawk can also transcribe the content of your phone conversations using call recording and speech analytics. The recording is analysed to uncover any insights on whether the lead is a profitable one, as well as which product or service they are looking for.

The insights can then be presented in easy-to-build reports and dashboards. It allows you to visualise your data clearly so you can optimise future campaigns for success.

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Why should you invest in marketing analytics?

With Mediahawk’s marketing analytics tools, you’ll see the full customer journey, across both online and offline journeys.

You’ll know all the touchpoints prospects and customers have – including at the middle stages of the buying journey, which can be notoriously difficult to track.

It means you can pinpoint areas to invest in, helping you achieve a greater number of conversions without increasing spend.

What’s more, Mediahawk’s marketing analytics tools helps you make improvements to ROI. When you know which campaigns are underperforming, you can divert budget elsewhere, cutting waste and maximising your returns.

Read how businesses level up with Mediahawk

“The easy-to-use dashboard and superior customer service of Mediahawk made them the clear choice for us. We are loving the insights.”

Matthew Jackson, Digital Marketing Manager, Stowe Family Law
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“Having a full picture of response has allowed us to be much smarter and confident in our actions, we have upped the ante by considerably improving our campaign effectiveness.”

Mandy Macara, Head of Marketing, Barchester Healthcare
Care home residents.

“Call tracking is crucial to any marketing strategy. Mediahawk is a vital part of Bamboo Nine’s strategy, because we are able to implement the data we receive and use it intelligently to make sure our campaigns yield the best results.”

Chris Rivera, Campaign Director, Bamboo Nine
Image of staff at Bamboo Nine sitting and discussing media.

“In our Google Ads campaign we were able to identify the exact keywords which were driving calls from our potential and existing clients, enabling us to cut costs on the ineffective search terms and focus our efforts on those that were driving new enquiries. We saved around 22% of our spend from Ads. We now use this saving to advertise our profitable keywords more prominently.”

Tom Robinson, Marketing, Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd
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“Mediahawk helps us see which marketing methods are generating calls, then we prioritise our spending accordingly. For one client, when we started using Mediahawk we were able to generate five times as many calls – without increasing ad spend. You can imagine how happy the client was.”

Justin Deaville, Managing Director, Receptional

“By using Mediahawk’s sales matching, we can see which channel has had a part to play within the sales journey. This allows us to keep a much closer eye on how our budget is being spent – which is especially important with the likes of PPC and Autotrader.”

Russell Brown, Group Marketing Manager, Dick Lovett
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“Speech analytics has enabled us to streamline the process of listening to calls and analysing the data from those calls. It now takes half the time (half a day instead of one full day) it took prior to subscribing to this service, freeing up a member of the team to concentrate on other tasks. We would thoroughly recommend Mediahawk to other organisations, particularly those who have limited staff resource.”

Vicki Clover, Digital Marketing Manager (Associate), Ashtons Legal
Ashtons Legal contact centre.

“We have been working with Mediahawk for many years and they have always delivered an exceptional service. They take their clients seriously and develop their systems around the clients requirements. We have suggested many features over the years and all of which have been developed within a good time frame! The platform gives us everything we need in terms of call tracking and reporting. Natalie, Colin, and the rest of their team are always friendly and fast to react to any queries.”

Tom Wickham, Group Marketing Manager, Caffyns
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“One of my clients recently implemented Mediahawk call tracking, and the level of reporting and insights gained has been next level.”

Anderlea Butters, Managing Director, Anderlea Butters Marketing Consultancy

“We now know exactly what a particular customer is looking at on the website, how many times they call us, which sources they come from and more.”

Director of Sales and Marketing, Dormy Care Communities
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Google reviews

Chris Adams

Great level of support given by Sid and the rest of the client services team yet again. Mediahawk is just brilliant at helping us. Every time I get off a call with him, I am always impressed how quick the response is.

Paul Sharp

I want to say a massive thanks to all the team at Mediahawk. Everybody I have spoken to has been so incredibly helpful. They are all extremely knowledgeable about their system and are genuinely happy to help.

Toni Farrington

I have been very impressed with the Mediahawk experience, from the onboarding process, to the customer support and the quality of the product. Everything has been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend Mediahawk to any business looking for call tracking and analysis services. Fabulous all round. Thank you!

Dean Webley

The service I receive is simply exemplary, I don’t feel like a “client”, I feel like I have an entire team of awesome experts who help me to do the best in my job.

Tom Wickham

We have been working with Mediahawk for many years and they have always delivered an exceptional service. They take their clients seriously and develop their systems around the clients requirements… The platform gives us everything we need in terms of call tracking and reporting. Natalie, Colin, and the rest of their team are always friendly and fast to react to any queries.

Kit Neill

Mediahawk have been fantastic when we have worked together – their call tracking system gives us an unparalleled view of the value our work creates for clients. The platform is really easy to use and the team have been really helpful and responsive throughout. We will definitely be working with them more in future.

Barchester Healthcare

Mediahawk are a fantastic company to work with. Their customer service is outstanding and nothing is ever too much trouble for them. Their platform is very easy to use and has allowed us to become even smarter with our marketing spend.

Richard Kadri-Langford

Mediahawk are a superbly run company. The product(s) are great and deliver a level of insight that is invaluable to any marketeer who wants to really know which of their activities are driving phone conversations. not only that, but integrations allow us to analyse the customer journey and tie that back into making UX decisions which increase conversion and deliver tangible results. The client service team are always friendly, helpful and supportive. Equally, they always act promptly and without delay which makes working with them, so much easier. Great product, great team, great service.

Ben Jamieson

We use Mediahawk across our group of websites, and it’s great. Delivers the insights we need that are easily reportable. But it’s the service we have had from Mediahawk which led me to leave the review. Their staff are fantastic, and they are the most helpful bunch you could ever work with. I wish every company we dealt with were so approachable and helpful.

Robi Chowdhury

We’ve been using Mediahawk in our company for just over a year now. Very happy with the service that we’ve received. Extremely helpful staff at the company. The data that we receive is absolutely invaluable. Would highly recommend.

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