50% of financial marketers aren’t tracking conversions effectively

As the user journey for people looking for financial services becomes more complex, accurate marketing attribution is increasingly important.

Phone calls drive conversions for the financial sector, but they can be a blind spot for marketers.

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How Mediahawk call tracking helps financial services firms

If you aren’t including calls in your marketing analysis, you’re missing out on golden opportunities to increase conversions. See how Mediahawk helps you:

Easily see where your inbound enquiries come from (pay per click, emails, offline activity, and more).

Identify your high performing campaigns and only spend your marketing budget on the activity that results in enquiries, eliminating wasteful spend.

Understand the full visitor journey, from first click through to the phone call into your business.

Attribute your online and offline enquiries much more accurately, so you know which marketing activities result in revenue.

Find your best-performing campaigns in an instant

Mediahawk’s dashboards are a marketer’s best friend, with simple and intuitive tools to help you do more with your marketing budget. Book a 15-minute demo and see for yourself.

You're in good company

Financial services firms using Mediahawk to succeed every day
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See how financial services firms benefit from Mediahawk

“Just wanted to say thank you for the Google Universal Analytics custom dimension integration. It’s working great, and I now have great visibility on where our spend is going on a daily basis. I love it!”

Digital Marketing Manager, WorldPay
Worldpay case study.

“In our Google Ads campaign we were able to identify the exact keywords which were driving calls from our potential and existing clients, enabling us to cut costs on the ineffective search terms and focus our efforts on those that were driving new enquiries. We saved around 22% of our spend from Ads. We now use this saving to advertise our profitable keywords more prominently.”

Tom Robinson, Marketing, Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd
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