Call Attribution for Financial Services

Find the hidden profit in your phone calls.

Phone calls are the chief response mechanism within financial services. Attributing your inbound calls correctly is key to improving your marketing return on investment.

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We've been using Mediahawk for over 10 years. Their reporting and insight is vital to monitor and manage the success of our marketing, allowing us to focus our marketing spend more effectively.
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I now have great visibility on where our spend is going on a daily basis.
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Why Mediahawk?

Worldpay refine their marketing with 100% attribution

Worldpay handle a large quantity of calls on a daily basis. They needed to identify different types of calls they receive, giving them insight to optimise their marketing efforts in order to increase the number of inbound sales calls.

As part of their call routing, Worldpay use an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and were seeing a lot of callers terminating at this stage.

Using Mediahawk, Worldpay identified phone numbers that belonged to business service companies, such as recruiters. After speaking to these providers, Worldpay saw a sharp decrease in these types of dropped calls. Further analysis revealed a large number of the remaining hang-ups were from customers calling while on the Worldpay website product pages. Removing the IVR routing from these pages allowed callers to connect directly with telesales.

How does call tracking work?

Dynamic call tracking (also known as call intelligence or visitor level call tracking) works by adding a small snippet of code to your website.

This code shows each visitor a unique phone number, allowing you to connect their call to you to their website journey. A pool of numbers is allocated to your website, and every unique number seamlessly connects to your existing phone number.

Mediahawk captures your calls in real time, intelligently attributing them to any marketing activity the caller interacts with. This insight enables you to understand which marketing campaigns and keywords are responsible for driving phone sales and revenue.

Find out more about call tracking and attribution in our downloadable guide.

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