Marketing attribution modelling to help you link every sale to source

Use the powerful marketing attribution software features in Mediahawk to attribute leads and sales across any online or offline channel. See at a glance which activities and sources deliver the best results.

What is marketing attribution?

Mediahawk’s powerful marketing attribution features allow marketers to determine ROI of marketing channels, and attribute them to potential customers. You can find out how customers came to know about and buy your product or service.

The journey of a customer is rarely as straightforward as going to the website and making a purchase. There will be lots of touchpoints to consider along their journey. Mediahawk’s marketing attribution software allows you to see their journey from start to finish. Giving marketers the insights to streamline customers journeys and maximise engagement across campaigns.

Benefits of Mediahawk's marketing attribution tools

Find your most profitable marketing mix

Get detailed insight on the marketing sources and campaigns that generate your most qualified leads.

Join up online and offline marketing

See which online marketing channels lead to offline call conversions.

Optimise your campaigns for growth

Optimise your current campaigns and plan for cost-effective, high performing future ones

See customer behaviour like never before

Know your customers’ buying journey from start to finish and fine tune your marketing campaigns to maximise engagement.

Find your best-performing campaigns in an instant

Mediahawk’s dashboards are a marketer’s best friend, with simple and intuitive tools to help you do more with your marketing budget. Book a 15-minute demo and see for yourself.

Make reliable data-driven decisions with marketing attribution in Mediahawk

Pinpoint your most profitable campaigns

Quickly and easily see which marketing sources and campaigns drive calls, across all online and offline channels.

View the user journey across multiple visits

Mediahawk’s marketing attribution tools assign unique reference IDs to each of your website visitors, allowing you to link calls directly to marketing activity and view the user journey across multiple visits. And by using these IDs on forms and live chat too, you can view a visitor’s entire history with your business.

Give call handlers the tools to excel

Integrate user journey data into your CRM system – such as Salesforce – and associate it with a record, giving your call handlers access to extensive marketing data for that customer or prospect.

See the true value of your marketing efforts

Collect and report on over 850 different marketing data points, including the source, medium, keyword, and campaign that generated the call. Upload your sales data as a .csv file into Mediahawk, and match phone numbers with your CRM – showing you the source of the call against the outcome.

Mediahawk integrations

Mediahawk integrates quickly and easily with industry leading martech tools

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“Having a full picture of response has allowed us to be much smarter and confident in our actions, we have upped the ante by considerably improving our campaign effectiveness.”

Mandy Macara, Head of Marketing, Barchester Healthcare

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