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Marketing Attribution

Track your customers from source to sale

The built-in features and integrations within Mediahawk enable you to link revenue to a call and back to marketing spend so accurate, full attribution models can be created.

In-Call Attribution

This feature sends a call reference automatically to your internal systems when a prospects calls your business. It works by either posting the information to a web page, or by playing DTMF keystrokes which your internal systems capture and record against the call before the caller is connected. This provides the most accurate method of call attribution available.

Using Mediahawk's API enables you to see the exact source, medium, campaign and keyword that produced the call. You can use this information to precisely evaluate the performance of your marketing in your CRM system - or even to build your own inbound lead dashboard.

Post-Call Attribution 

Using the telephone keypad your call handlers can categorise a call and assign a call value at the end of a call before they hang up. They can also do this before transferring the call internally to another agent or department.

IVR Attribution

If you use a Mediahawk IVR (auto attendant) that allows callers to connect to a department using their telephone keypad, you can use this functionality to automatically categorise your calls.

For example, if your telephone answering message includes "Press 1 for the Sales department" or similar, this will be recorded in your reporting. This allows you to analyse the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, sources and keywords at generating sales calls as opposed to customer service enquiries.