Reach the right leads. Close more deals.

Mediahawk’s outbound call tracking software make it easy for marketeers and sales teams to reach the best leads and close more sales.

See exactly which leads are followed up, increase the number of outbound calls made, and capture and analyse the outcome of each one – yours or your clients.

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Popular outbound call tracking software features

Detailed reports and analytics

Flexible custom reports show granular call by call detail as well as high level metrics.

Record and understand calls

Record outbound calls for deeper insights in how they’re handled and for outcomes.

Local and toll-free numbers

Choose which number to show your recipients, and mask the caller’s actual number.

Easy to set up and connect

When you initiate a call, Mediahawk calls you first, then dials the recipient.

Click-to-call dialler

Mediahawk makes phone numbers a link in your browser. Call with just one click.

Call from anywhere

Ideal for remote working and office-based teams.

Play a call recording.

Record and analyse outbound calls easily

  • Understand the value of outbound calls. Prove they generate leads, sales and revenue
  • More insightful data than VOIP or desk phones and no extra software required
  • For your own calls or your clients, add value to your analysis of marketing activities; show the channels that result in successful outbound calls
  • Understand the full customer journey and user experience, including sources for outbound calls
Mediahawk call tracking and lead intelligence for smarter marketing.

Make calls from your browser at the click of a button

  • Call in one click from Mediahawk via click-to-call in your browser. Respond to leads faster: spend more time selling and less time dialling
  • Track and log all outbound calls automatically using the built-in softphone – no need for a PIN
  • Add notes on value and categories during a call, to enrich analytics for in depth attribution
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Make your sales force more effective and efficient

  • Call from anywhere. Ideal for remote working and office-based teams. Accessible for marketers, sales teams and agencies
  • Keep your sales team accountable, and improve the measurement of KPIs. Gain insights on call agents’ performance
  • Ensure all calls are recorded for regulatory and GDPR purposes

Improve your sales targets

Mediahawk’s outbound call tracking and reporting gives you a full understanding of the effect of outbound calls on lead generation and sales to reach more prospects and close more deals.

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“Call tracking is crucial to any marketing strategy. Mediahawk is a vital part of Bamboo Nine’s strategy, because we are able to implement the data we receive and use it intelligently to make sure our campaigns yield the best results.”

Chris Rivera, Campaign Director, Bamboo Nine
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