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George Davis


“[Mediahawk] gives you that clarity and peace of mind that effectively you know where the money is going and effectively you can justify spend and get more sales.”

Sophie Middleton

Marketing Manager

“Mediahawk call tracking has been a massive benefit to the business… data attribution, return on investment. I’m now able to be confident with how I track and measure marketing spend.”

Raife Wieland

Director and Founder

“I think part of our agency growth… and why we partner with Mediahawk is the fact that we can actually prove beyond doubt the success of our campaigns… we can optimise our campaigns a lot quicker, smarter, more efficiently.”

Tom Holloway

Digital Marketing Manager

“Mediahawk allows me to delve into such a granular level of detail for each channel that I can make very quick marketing decisions based on what’s working month on month.”

Mike Kennedy

Business Coach

“Before using call tracking, one of the challenges was understanding the return on investment of the marketing spend, so I found [Mediahawk] really helpful to really understand where the leads were coming from, how much those leads were costing, and therefore what it was costing us to acquire every new customer.”

Stephen Maguire


“Call tracking has made our clients’ life easier, just by knowing that what they spend is returning for them. So they know a campaign is generating [a certain number] of phone calls, and clients come onboard from a particular channel.

You don’t feel like you’re left on your own [with Mediahawk]; there is someone at the end of the phone…and it makes my client relationship a lot stronger.”

Barbara Fodgen

Marketing Manager

“I’ve been using Mediahawk services since 2011…wherever I went, I tend to use the Mediahawk services because I just found it really useful. You listen to the customers, and the customer service is actually pretty amazing. “

Allen Scott

Automotive Client Director

“I’m a hugest believer of call tracking but Mediahawk in particular… to anybody who’s just thinking about it just don’t think about it just dive in sign up and get involved because there are savings to be made, insights to be had. I’m personally a great believer in Mediahawk and all that they do.”

What our clients say on Google reviews

Chris Adams, Brindley Group

Great level of support given by Sid and the rest of the client services team yet again. Mediahawk is just brilliant at helping us. Every time I get off a call with him, I am always impressed how quick the response is.

Toni Farrington, Promote Online

I have been very impressed with the Mediahawk experience, from the onboarding process, to the customer support and the quality of the product. Everything has been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend Mediahawk to any business looking for call tracking and analysis services. Fabulous all round. Thank you!

Tom Wickham, Caffyns

We have been working with Mediahawk for many years and they have always delivered an exceptional service. They take their clients seriously and develop their systems around the clients requirements… The platform gives us everything we need in terms of call tracking and reporting. Natalie, Colin, and the rest of their team are always friendly and fast to react to any queries.

Dean Webley, Portman Dental Clinic

The service I receive is simply exemplary, I don’t feel like a “client”, I feel like I have an entire team of awesome experts who help me to do the best in my job.

Barchester Healthcare

Mediahawk are a fantastic company to work with. Their customer service is outstanding and nothing is ever too much trouble for them. Their platform is very easy to use and has allowed us to become even smarter with our marketing spend.

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