Call Tracking for Legal Services

Increase enquiries and optimise marketing campaigns

Taking the wrong approach to marketing could be costing your firm thousands of enquiries each year.

Your prospects aren’t just searching for a general solicitor. Millions of searches are conducted each month around the UK for all types of solicitor, all sorts of legal services, and a multitude of legal questions and issues. What’s more, the number of local searches is continuing to increase. More of your online business leads will stem from local searches, especially for consumer-based legal services.

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Using the Mediahawk reporting portal we can easily measure the inbound calls to each branch and get a view of the ROI at the same time.
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Why Mediahawk?

52% of people who click on PPC ads call the advertiser.

Mediahawk enables you to track all online and offline marketing activity that generates phone calls.

Call tracking ‘closes the loop’ between marketing and sales by linking marketing campaigns and sources to actual sales and revenue. Visitor level journey tracking accurately calculates ROI for every marketing channel you use.

  • Measure response rates from multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Use call intelligence data to transform your marketing strategy.
  • Optimise your spend to reduce cost per acquisition and increase inbound enquiries.

How does call tracking work?

Dynamic call tracking (also known as call intelligence or visitor level call tracking) works by adding a small snippet of code to your website.

This code shows each visitor a unique phone number, allowing you to connect their call to you to their website journey. A pool of numbers is allocated to your website, and every unique number seamlessly connects to your existing phone number.

Mediahawk captures your calls in real time, intelligently attributing them to any marketing activity the caller interacts with. This insight enables you to understand which marketing campaigns and keywords are responsible for driving phone sales and revenue.

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