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Advanced Call Handling

Powerful and easy to use control of your inbound calls.

Our feature-rich call handling gives you the ability to provide your clients with a professional and reliable caller experience. It’s important that your calls are delivered reliably which is why all of our calls are delivered by a tier-1 communication provider. Our range of call handling services make it possible for you to concentrate on delivering your product or service rather than worrying about call handling.

Some of the features of our call handling functionality:

  • Connect – cloud-based control of your call hunt groups and time of day routing allows you to route calls efficiently around your organisation and to third-party call handlers.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – an auto-attendant IVR allows you to route calls to the correct department in your organisation quickly, avoiding the necessity to speak to a receptionist and making sure calls always reach the right department first time.
  • Mailboxes – you don't need to miss a call if you're not there to answer it. Mediahawk's mailbox service will email you the caller's message the moment the call finishes.
  • Business Continuity – being able to control your calls using our cloud-based systems provides a perfect business continuity solution should, for example, your internal phone system fail.

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