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Learn the key marketing trends for the automotive industry and how to leverage this insight to optimise your marketing strategy and increase sales.

The autumn 2023 edition of the automotive trends report delivers the most up to date insights into the latest trends for the sector.

Our latest care home trends report delves into marketing performance across the sector, highlighting key areas care home marketers need to be aware of.

Discover the latest marketing trends for the care sector and how to leverage this insight to improve your marketing performance and increase occupancy and move-ins.

Automotive marketers and retailers want to understand what is driving their enquiries, profitability, and helping them create a more competitive edge.

The pressure is on for care homes to deliver a marketing strategy that drives up occupancy and delivers a significant revenue impact.

We highlight five challenges facing marketers running paid and organic search marketing campaigns, and how you can overcome them.

Every client joins our free Client Excellence Programme, and this means we’re here to support you from day one.

Data-driven strategies improve customer experience, giving businesses an in-depth understanding of consumer needs and interests which, in turn, significantly increases conversion rates and sales.

Learn how to maximise revenue and reduce customer churn by integrating with Mediahawk’s market-leading call tracking.

Learn how partnering with Mediahawk can help your marketing agency prove that your campaigns are delivering results.

Prove the correlation between your campaigns and your clients leads. Lawrence explains how marketing agencies can demonstrate their value to clients and improve their retention rates.

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