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HubSpot integration

Track inbound phone leads with Mediahawk call tracking for HubSpot.

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Close the loop on your marketing response with our enhanced integration into HubSpot

Capture inbound telephone enquiries directly in HubSpot

Update your HubSpot contact records with data from every call

Why choose Mediahawk?

“Mediahawk’s a massive benefit. If you really want to understand where your customers are coming from and where to invest your budget – whatever sector you’re in – it’s truly invaluable.”

Director of Sales and Marketing, Dormy Care Communities

Features of our HubSpot integration

HubSpot is a powerful inbound marketing platform that helps you attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Our custom call tracking integration works with HubSpot Marketing and CRM Software, allowing you to capture inbound telephone enquiries that come through your Mediahawk numbers.

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How does the integration work?

An event is sent for every inbound phone call received. The event is linked to a contact which we match by cookie user ID and then by telephone number. This enables us to automatically find a contact in HubSpot based on the number they call you from, and we update the contact record with data from their call. If no match exists, we create a new contact record.

You can choose which of your phone numbers are tracked within HubSpot. For example, you may just want to track your lead generation activities, so you only include enquiries from prospects, enquiries and exclude any customer service calls you may receive.

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What data is passed into HubSpot?

Mediahawk passes data into HubSpot with every call, and links it to a contact. We can send more than 80 data points from Mediahawk into any HubSpot field. This allows you to track and report on any type of information on your contact, including:

  • Date, time, and duration of the call
  • Caller’s number and unique ID
  • Outcome of the call – whether the call was answered, went unanswered, or was engaged
  • Source and medium, plus the keyword if the call originated from a PPC campaign
  • Landing page title and path
  • And much more.

Mediahawk integrations

Mediahawk integrates quickly and easily with industry leading martech tools
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Read how businesses level up with Mediahawk

“Call tracking is crucial to any marketing strategy. Mediahawk is a vital part of Bamboo Nine’s strategy, because we are able to implement the data we receive and use it intelligently to make sure our campaigns yield the best results.”

Chris Rivera, Campaign Director, Bamboo Nine
Image of staff at Bamboo Nine sitting and discussing media.

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