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Unlock and understand the full customer journey with our sales reporting feature

Mediahawk’s sales reporting feature identifies which marketing channels provide the most sales, higher value sales and sales of specific products.

Understand the customer journey from first contact to sale and after-sales. Analyse the value of repeat customers – and what influences their decisions.

Mediahawk Sales Matching feature.

Why choose Mediahawk for sales reporting?

Call tracking report from Mediahawk.

Companies all over the world choose Mediahawk’s sales reporting feature. Here’s why:

  • It offers insights that will help you get the most out of your marketing budget, minimising wasted spend and boosting ROI.
  • It improves decision making across your business so that actions are more informed and impactful.
  • Sales analytics paint a vivid picture of the customer journey, helping you devise more effective sales and marketing strategies.
  • It’s compatible with call tracking, marketing attribution and other Mediahawk features.

Sales reporting features

See sales as well as leads

Automatically or manually upload data to see the complete customer journey and identify the total value of customers.

Add ‘dimension’ details

Notes made during the calls help marketers deepen insights into what was sold and why. These sales analytics can influence strategies.

Dynamic reports

Toggle between sales and conversions, showing the value and quantity of sales.

New report includes conversion path

Information on the whole customer journey supports deeper sales analysis and accurate marketing attribution.

Get clarity on marketing attribution

Understand which sources helped your sales – first click, last click, single click, or assisted.

Accurate data empowers better decisions

Reliable reports mean sales teams and marketers make informed decisions for growth.

Marketing attribution from website call tracking

Analyse customer and visitor actions

  • Track and analyse website visitor actions including agent responses and details of the customer journey
  • Link data and sales analytics to marketing touchpoints and decisions to buy
  • Understand individual customers; identify patterns across groups of customers and leads
Mediahawk dashboard report.

Unlock custom dimensions and track the conversion path to sale

  • Add extra dimensions, such as model or colour of car, to deepen insights
  • Visitor journeys can be tracked in forensic detail beyond simply the value of sale, including first contact and the last source before a sale
  • Analyse calls to understand effective strategies

Attribution in fine detail

  • Reports can toggle between sales and conversions to add granularity
  • Properly understand which marketing and sales initiatives bring results and why. Justify marketing spend and re-direct resources to areas with higher returns
  • Use real evidence to inform future decisions and develop strategies

Measure marketing success with greater accuracy

Level up your marketing reports and get 100% marketing attribution across every channel. Join us for a no obligation demo to find out how.

Frequently asked questions

Sales reporting is a way of analysing a business’s sales data. This involves gathering information on the various stages of the sales and marketing process and using it to see how effective your sales and marketing strategy is.

Companies use Mediahawk’s sales reporting to determine what’s been successful and where they can improve. Insights into what drives sales is essential, and takes the guesswork out of creating strategies for the future.

An in-depth understanding of how your business is performing is essential if future sales and marketing strategies are going to be impactful. Sales reporting allows you to see which marketing activities are effective and which aren’t, giving you invaluable insights about what drives conversions.

Sales data doesn’t always tell the full story, and it can be frustrating trying to paint a picture of the customer journey from just calls and clicks. Merging data with call histories and marketing activity, Mediahawk’s sales reporting feature is able to provide actionable insights on what drives both sales and leads.

You’ll see the full customer journey and its associated product data, allowing you to evaluate the success of your sales and marketing campaigns. Plus, you’ll get an insight into the value of customers making repeat purchases, as well as seeing what factors impact their journeys. Recognising which activities generate sales, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions that can boost your return on investment.

Read more about why to choose Mediahawk, and view our case studies to see how we help marketers succeed.

Most sectors would benefit from sales reporting. At Mediahawk, we have a wealth of experience in supporting across these sectors, and more:

Discover the call tracking and marketing attribution features beneficial to your sector, and read our success stories.

Sales reporting is included in the price of Mediahawk within our Professional and Enterprise plans.

We have three great plans to choose from, and you can get started with Mediahawk today. View our call tracking pricing for more information.

Read how businesses level up with Mediahawk

By using Mediahawk’s sales matching, we can see which channel has had a part to play within the sales journey. This allows us to keep a much closer eye on how our budget is being spent – which is especially important with the likes of PPC and Autotrader.

Russell Brown, Group Marketing Manager, Dick Lovett
Dick Lovett Aston Martin dealership.

“Our enquiries have increased by around 75% year on year. The insights that Mediahawk has provided means we can analyse where that activity is coming from and justify increasing marketing spend.”

Digital Marketing Manager, Stowe Family Law
Stowe Family Law logo.

“We now know exactly what a particular customer is looking at on the website, how many times they call us, which sources they come from and more.”

Director of Sales and Marketing, Dormy Care Communities
Dormy Care Communities logo.

“The easy-to-use dashboard and superior customer service of Mediahawk made them the clear choice for us. We are loving the insights.”

Matthew Jackson, Digital Marketing Manager, Stowe Family Law
Family talking to a solicitor.

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