Luxury care home group uncovers missed opportunities with Mediahawk

Dormy Care Communities is an award-winning residential care group, with four sites across the UK (Dorset, Hampshire, Hereford and Wales). The team at Dormy prides itself on providing luxury living and 24/7 care for its residents, with a “life begins here” ethos running through everything they do.

The marketing team at Dormy comprises two people – marketing director Wendy and marketing executive Richard.

Between them, they have the sizable task of running the firm’s entire marketing strategy – including brand awareness campaigns, PR, digital and website content, paid advertising, and social media activity.

Dormy Care Communities

The challenge

Building a brand marketing strategy from scratch

Wendy joined Dormy in the early days of the business, when there was no brand identity, digital presence or marketing strategy in place. Her task from the beginning was to bring in the tools and systems she needed in order to build a high-performing marketing strategy for the business.

Wendy explains: “I had used Mediahawk when I worked for another company, so as I started to introduce campaigns at Dormy, I knew I wanted to bring Mediahawk with me – initially simply to help track and report on the performance of our ads.”

Once Wendy had Dormy’s brand new website up and running, she knew she was sitting on a great source of data that could help her better understand customer journeys and provide insights on which campaigns were generating online and offline leads and enquiries.

She just needed a way to tap into that data and access the valuable insights.

The solution

Dynamic call tracking and lead intelligence

“Even though I’d used Mediahawk before,” says Wendy, “I hadn’t realised how useful it could be beyond telling me which of my ads were performing best. Mediahawk’s client success manager, Natalie, was really helpful and I spoke at length with her about what else the platform offered and how it could benefit us further.”

Following those early conversations, Wendy decided to introduce dynamic call tracking on the Dormy website. This assigns a unique phone number to each web visitor and allows Wendy to track where visitors come from, right through to the keywords they use in search engines.

In addition, the Mediahawk client excellence team helped Wendy make better use of the features in the software and analyse paid ad performance in even greater detail than before.

“With the trackable numbers in our paid ads, I’ve been able to drill down in much more detail and see how many calls we get from ads in particular publications. We’ve been able to see what interest we’re getting from different demographics and whether we want to continue running certain adverts or not.

“Since implementing this, we can spend budget much more wisely, by switching off or tweaking the ads that aren’t delivering a return and pushing more budget into the ads that are working.”

The results

Better understanding customers and improving quality of service

With Mediahawk’s dynamic call tracking in place on the Dormy website, Wendy has been able to get a much deeper understanding of the customer journey, too.

“We now know exactly what a particular customer is looking at on the website, how many times they call us, which sources they come from and more. There are so many areas that have really, really benefitted us.”

She adds: “Another thing we love is the call recording feature, which has been a huge benefit to us. We can now identify if there have been missed enquiries, for example, which is really important for us to stay on top of. One missed opportunity could cost us £70,000 a year in residents’ fees, so being able to go back and identify any enquiries that have slipped through the net is crucial.”

For Wendy, a major benefit has also been the fact that quality of service can be rigorously maintained and improved.

“Mediahawk has very much helped us improve the overall attention to detail we pay to the calls and enquiries coming into our care homes,” she says. “We’re always trying to express that we are a premium brand, where quality counts in everything we do. The tools in Mediahawk help us know as much as possible about our potential customers, so we can provide the best possible service at all times.”

And how would Wendy sum up the value Mediahawk brings?

“For us, no matter what the cost, it’s a massive benefit. If you really want to understand where your customers are coming from and where to invest your budget – whatever sector you’re in – it’s truly invaluable.”

“For us, no matter what the cost, (Mediahawk’s) a massive benefit. If you really want to understand where your customers are coming from and where to invest your budget – whatever sector you’re in – it’s truly invaluable.”

Director of Sales and Marketing, Dormy Care Communities

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