Call tracking and marketing attribution for technology businesses

Mediahawk’s Technology Partner Programme helps sales and marketing technology, CRM and business software companies extend their offering and be more attractive to clients – simply by integrating Mediahawk into their software.

Be more attractive to clients and increase revenue

Five ways Mediahawk enhances your technology and helps your clients do more.

  • Identify the value of calls. With Mediahawk integrated into your technology, your clients will be able to see the true value of every phone call, and which channels they came from.
  • Visualise the customer journey. Your clients can see every touchpoint in the customer journey and understand which paths lead to an enquiry and sale and which don’t.
  • Provide a complete picture of ROI. Using Mediahawk, your clients can achieve 100% marketing attribution across every channel, and prove the true return on investment of their efforts.
  • See live call data. Your clients can instantly see real-time in-call data about the customer the moment the phone rings, helping them tailor responses to the customer’s needs.
  • Offer an in-house telecoms solution without the hassle of building your own infrastructure. With trackable telephone numbers and advanced call handling tools, you can provide your clients with an in-house telecoms solution, making your technology an even more integral part of their tech stack.

Why tech firms choose Mediahawk

Image of PHP code plus what the code looks like on the front end
  • Reason #1 – increase your revenue. Integrating Mediahawk with your technology allows you to expand your product’s feature set, enter previously untapped markets, protect revenue, and reduce churn.

  • Reason #2 – quick and easy setup. Mediahawk is quick to set up with our API and webhooks. It’s easy to use too, and you can manage, purchase and configure trackable phone numbers at your convenience. Plus, you won’t need to build any infrastructure for calls, routing, hosting, and more.

  • Reason #3 – dedicated support. As a Mediahawk Technology Partner, you get access to a secure portal to manage your account, plus a dedicated account manager who will help you get the most from the data in Mediahawk.

What does the Technology Partner Programme include?

Configuration API and webhooks

Our API and webhooks allow you to pull more than 80 data points – with no limit to the amount or frequency of requests.

Access to our documentation site

Access all the resources you need to get up and running, and get maximum value from your Mediahawk integration.

Online portal to manage your account

Quickly see the Mediahawk services and numbers you have.

Dedicated account manager

Get all the support you need to get the most from Mediahawk – including advice on interpreting data, reporting methods and much more.

Partner marketing opportunities

Resources to help you get even more from Mediahawk, including a listing on the Mediahawk website, guest blog opportunities, joint webinars and more.

Telecoms solution with reduced rates

Designed for businesses with high call volumes.

What end-users think of Mediahawk

“I have been very impressed with the Mediahawk experience, from the onboarding process, to the customer support and the quality of the product. Everything has been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend Mediahawk to any business looking for call tracking and analysis services. Fabulous all round. Thank you!”

Toni Farrington, Client Delivery Manager, Promote Online

“Having a full picture of response has allowed us to be much smarter and confident in our actions, we have upped the ante by considerably improving our campaign effectiveness.”

Mandy Macara, Head of Marketing, Barchester Healthcare

Is your business ready for Mediahawk?

If you answer ‘yes’ to all three questions, integrating Mediahawk into your technology will bring significant benefits to your business.

Phone numbers

Do your clients have at least one phone number on their website?

Competitive edge

Do you want to stand out against your competitors by providing clients with powerful data and analytics tools, not available elsewhere?

Prove your ROI

Do you want to prove that your offering generates enquiries and sales?

Technology partner strategic use cases

Graphic illustration of Mediahawk's conversion path tool

Business directories and online marketplaces

If you provide online directory or marketplace services, you can track and accurately report on the interactions and conversions your platforms are generating for your customers. By integrating with Mediahawk, you can provide in-depth insight and demonstrate tangible value to the businesses who advertise on your sites. You can accurately report on the:

  • Number of phone calls you generate for each listing.
  • All the website referrals you send to your clients.
  • The marketing sources that your clients’ prospects are responding to.
  • Every individual visitor journey, including repeat visits and all interactions.
  • Views of images, videos, and much more.
Marketing attribution

Lead and occupancy management platforms and CRM systems

Pull over 80 data points for every lead or enquiry – across both phone and online conversions – from Mediahawk into your customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and lead and occupancy management platforms. This enriches your product with additional data and insights, giving your clients many more ways of slicing and dicing their data for deeper analysis.

This gives them the ability to see the marketing source and medium for each enquiry, or even the PPC keywords that convert at the highest value.

Another valuable insight your clients will gain is any sales trends for particular channels. So for example, a care home business will be able to understand whether prospects are searching for residential or respite services, and ensure their marketing strategies are reaching their target audience.

Marketing automation software

For marketing automation tools and platforms, phone call data gives your clients a much more complete picture of their analytics. It ensures they don’t miss out on a crucial interaction that provides the final piece of the puzzle – giving them all the metrics that they need so that they can make much smarter decisions in their strategy.

For example, integrating with Mediahawk enables web visitor tracking software vendors to expand their analytics and data sets to include how many phone calls a business receives. When incorporated with the additional data points Mediahawk can provide you with, your clients receive a full 360 degree picture of their marketing activity and performance.

Become a Mediahawk partner

Interested in joining our partner programme? Contact us today to learn how partnering with Mediahawk can help your business grow.