Reveal the callers most likely to buy with speech analytics

Instantly categorise and prioritise hot leads from phone calls with Mediahawk’s intelligent speech analytics feature.

Speech analytics report.

Why Choose Mediahawk for speech analytics?

Speech analytics report.

All over the world, businesses pick Mediahawk for speech analytics. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It automatically identifies keywords or phrases spoken in conversations, allowing you to quickly recognise customer intent.
  • It helps you spot trends in customer behaviour.
  • It can cut wasted marketing spend on calls that aren’t generating revenue and boost your business’s ROI.
  • You can use it alongside call tracking and other Mediahawk features.

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Benefits of speech analytics for marketers

Spot the most profitable leads

Mediahawk listens out for predefined spoken keywords and instantly pinpoints the callers with a high intent to buy.

Make human error a thing of the past

Automatically tag calls to an appropriate category based on spoken keywords, reducing the need for manual tagging and human error.

Get deeper customer insights

Better understand customer behaviour, needs and preferences using speech analytics data captured in Mediahawk.

Fine tune your campaigns

Build more profitable marketing campaigns informed by the insights you capture from real life customer conversations.

Learn how to increase conversions and improve ROI

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Uncover caller insights with speech analytics in Mediahawk

Speech analytics report.

Know why people called you

A caller may say the words ‘…would like to buy…’, ‘…thinking of purchasing…’ or ‘how much will it cost?’ Mediahawk recognises these keywords and groups these calls in a ‘sales’ category; excluding them from ‘billing/accounts’ or ‘support/service’ enquiries.

Call centre team.

Categorise callers by a regional site

Mediahawk’s feature automatically spots keywords related to a particular site or call centre and tags them to an appropriate regional category. This data can then be quickly analysed, without having to listen to every call.

Analyse Mediahawk report.

Discover the paid ad calls that drive sales

Mediahawk’s speech analytics feature automatically spots keywords in conversations and applies them to all sources. This means that you can instantly see the types of calls you are generating from your PPC campaigns, as well as all other sources.

Frequently asked questions

Speech analytics is a tool that records conversations and interactions between customers and companies. It incorporates speech recognition technology to identify useful spoken words of the customer, as well as the purpose of the call. This provides marketers with the tools to identify leads that are likely to convert. Plus, it allows them to spot trends and optimise campaigns accordingly, while identifying any keywords they’re not yet making use of.

It’s a complex process of turning recorded audio calls into structured data, which can then be analysed.

Once audio calls are recorded between a customer and company, the speech analytics uses speech recognition. This turns the audio call into a transcribed version of the interactions. It then goes on to analyse the transcribed interactions for language patterns, keywords, customer satisfaction and more. It combines all these indicators into helpful insights to identify leads, trends, keywords and more.

There are some real benefits that speech analytics provides a marketing team.

The main reason is that it streamlines the process of filtering sales calls and picking out potential leads. This makes it easier and quicker to identify potential customers that are likely to convert.

Another reason it’s beneficial to marketers is that it provides a deeper understanding of the customers’ interactions with the campaign. For example, a marketer could pick out common keywords or phrases used in interactions. This would inform marketers on what keywords to use for SEO/PPC campaigns, as well as what to use in their branding.

You can even use speech analytics to improve customer experience. Calls are recorded meaning you can listen back to them and identify key points. These can be analysed and used in training so that customer service is better and calls are more likely to convert.

Discover why marketers should use speech analytics for inbound calls and see how to use speech analytics to create highly targeted audience segments in Google Analytics.

How do you know whether you need speech analytics or not? Think about what your company might be missing in their marketing and customer interactions.

  • Do you know why your customers are calling? (caller intent)
  • What are your customers doing and how are they getting to your site or callers? (customer journey/behaviour)
  • What motivates your customers/what impacts your relationship with your customers? (customer-sentiment)

Analysis of speech interactions with customers will not only help improve the above, but will also enhance customer experience, streamlining marketing processes (finding leads) and improving bottom line contributions. Get in touch to find out more.

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“Mediahawk helps us see which marketing methods are generating calls, then we prioritise our spending accordingly. For one client, when we started using Mediahawk we were able to generate five times as many calls – without increasing ad spend. You can imagine how happy the client was.”

Justin Deaville, Managing Director, Receptional

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