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Know which marketing activities work and which don’t, get more from your campaign budgets, and gain insight into your audience at a level web analytics just cannot provide.

Call tracking reports

Call tracking gives you a complete view of your marketing performance

Mediahawk has proven to help businesses grow revenue, reduce wasted spend, and improve customer experience. Pioneers in advanced call tracking software and insight into customer conversations, Mediahawk is an essential component within a marketers martech stack.

Increase your lead generation by seeing which online and offline campaigns are driving calls.

Improve your website conversion rate by identifying which pages your callers are visiting and calling from.

Convert more paid ads by spotting keyword trends through conversations.

Spot hidden opportunities to grow revenue and cut wasted spend.

Why Mediahawk

“Mediahawk’s a massive benefit. If you really want to understand where your customers are coming from and where to invest your budget – whatever sector you’re in – it’s truly invaluable.” Director of Sales and Marketing, Dormy Care Communities

Call tracking features marketers love

Mediahawk provides trackable phone numbers for your online and offline campaigns, and unsurpassed in-depth data analytics for you to understand the performance of your marketing at any level.

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Improve your digital strategy with visitor level call tracking

Mediahawk’s visitor level call tracking shows you which marketing sources and keywords callers use to find your website, helping you improve your digital marketing strategy.

Mediahawk captures all interactions (including page visits, downloads, live chats, form-fills, and more) with your website before, during, and after a phone call. Every visit and visitor action is tracked – even when they don’t make a call.

Increase your international reach with global numbers

Mediahawk provides call tracking across more than 80 countries worldwide, giving you the complete picture of your global marketing campaign performance – all in one place.

Increase call volume and build customer trust with local numbers. What’s more, all calls route through to your existing numbers, so there’s no need to change your telephone system.

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Boost the performance of your paid ads

PPC call tracking from Mediahawk helps you see conversions from calls as well as clicks, giving you a more accurate view of your pay-per-click ad performance.

Quickly and easily compare paid campaign response from Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook ads and more in one report – or send call data from Mediahawk back to them – with our seamless integrations.

Uncover hidden insights using outbound call tracking

Mediahawk’s outbound call tracking software enables marketing and sales teams to conduct telemarketing whilst also capturing data and insight to analyse the outcome of each call and high-level metrics.

Get more insightful data than VOIP or desk phones, with no extra software required. Better understand the value of your outbound calls, and prove that they generate leads and revenue.

Discover other features loved by Mediahawk clients

Get 100% marketing attribution

See at a glance which activities and sources deliver the best results, and link every sale to source.

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Spot opportunities from speech analytics

Reveal the callers most likely to buy with intelligent phone conversation analysis.

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Join up your favourite martech for extra insight

Quickly and easily connect Mediahawk with your favourite marketing tools and software.

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Improve the customer experience with call handling technology

Help your team deliver outstanding customer service with advanced call handling features in Mediahawk.

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Measure marketing success with greater accuracy

Level up your marketing reports and get 100% marketing attribution across every channel. Join us for a no obligation demo to find out how.

Why choose Mediahawk for call tracking?

There are many reasons companies around the world trust Mediahawk for call tracking and marketing attribution software.


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  • We provide a quality product that will help you get the most out of your budget, find a successful marketing mix and plan future campaigns that will drive sales
  • We’re renowned for our supportive and friendly service, and enjoy building relationships with clients from day one
  • We run a Client Excellence Programme which empowers all clients to get the best out of Mediahawk

Read more about why you should choose Mediahawk. And don’t just take our word for it – our case studies are full of success stories for you to read.

Frequently asked questions

Mediahawk’s call tracking analytics can trace back from the outcome of a call to its source and all the touchpoints inbetween. Each phone conversation you have with a client or potential client is packed with information about your market. Our speech analytics software helps you mine each call for this information so you can implement changes that will make your sales and marketing smarter.

Integrating Mediahawk with your favourite tools is easy. Customise integrations to suit your business so you can act on insights quickly. Learn more about call tracking integrations.

Most sectors would benefit from call tracking. At Mediahawk, we have a wealth of experience in supporting across these sectors, and more:

Discover the call tracking features beneficial to your sector, and read our success stories.

You’ll continue to keep any existing numbers you have. When you start using call tracking, you’ll receive new phone numbers for your marketing activities. These will replace the phone numbers on your website and marketing collateral. You can have as many new numbers as you need for your online and offline campaigns, and these will all route to your existing telephone numbers.

Mediahawk provides you with even more detailed insight than you get from Google, including:

  • Call start and end times
  • Call duration
  • The caller’s area code
  • Whether the call was answered or not, and
  • Conversions.

Our pricing is clear, simple, and transparent, and it’s easy to pull and view call data in your other systems. In addition, you’ll also get:

  • Call recordings
  • The caller line identity (CLI)
  • Their journey through your website, IP address, the page they were on when they called
  • All historical interactions (previous calls, website visits and any scoring notes), and
  • Advanced call handling and call management features.

You also have the option to choose the type of number you want to use – local, national, or freephone numbers are all available.

We have three great packages to choose from, and you can get started with Mediahawk today. View our call tracking pricing for more information.

Looking for something bespoke? Mediahawk packages are customisable and can be tailored to your needs. Speak to one of our team today.


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