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Why choose Mediahawk for call tracking?

There are many reasons companies around the world trust Mediahawk for call tracking and marketing attribution software.


  • We provide a quality product that will help you get the most out of your budget, find a successful marketing mix and plan future campaigns that will drive sales
  • We’re renowned for our supportive and friendly service, and enjoy building relationships with clients from day one
  • We run a Client Excellence Programme which empowers all clients to get the best out of Mediahawk

Read more about why you should choose Mediahawk. And don’t just take our word for it – our case studies are full of success stories for you to read.

Call tracking features marketers love

Call tracking reports

Remove the guesswork from your campaign planning with insightful performance reports.


Keyword call tracking

Uncover hidden PPC call conversions to see the true ROI of your ad campaigns.


Marketing attribution

See at a glance which activities and sources deliver the best results, and link every sale to source.


Speech analytics

Reveal the callers most likely to buy with intelligent phone conversation analysis.


Call to action tracking

Track customer journeys across call to action events for 100% marketing attribution.


Call tracking integrations

Quickly and easily connect Mediahawk with your favourite marketing tools and software.


Measure marketing success with greater accuracy

Level up your marketing reports and get 100% lead attribution across every channel. Join us for a no obligation demo to find out how.

Why is call tracking important?

A deeper understanding of your calls and customer journey will boost sales and reduce costs. Call tracking analysis tools help you see what drives your customers, giving you actionable insights about your marketing and product. Mediahawk’s call tracking software will help you:

  • Reduce spending on marketing strategies that don’t deliver returns
  • Invest more time and money on proven methods
  • Integrate call tracking data with Google Analytics and Ads
  • See which ads drive phone calls and track customers’ journeys through your website to conversion
  • Find new keywords to target and stay ahead of your competition
  • Track core metrics on clean and practical dashboards; it’s simple to review, easy to set up and full of insights
  • And more…

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is a tool that gives marketers data on which campaigns drive phone calls. Your company number likely appears in various channels, from your website to billboard ads. Call tracking systems bridge the gap between online and offline channels so you can fully measure the impact of your marketing.

By assigning and tracking a different telephone number for each campaign, call tracking systems record call volume, the PPC ads clicked and the keywords used. This will give you a more accurate view on how your campaigns are performing.

Call tracking is essential if you want to discover the true return on investment of your marketing tactics. Once you have an accurate view, you’ll be able to get more out of your marketing budget and increase revenue.

What are the different types of call tracking?

There are various types of call tracking, each offering a different level of performance. These are:

  • Basic – This involves assigning one number per channel in order to see where calls come from. The insights basic call tracking provides are limited
  • Campaign-level – When a business buys phone numbers and assigns each ‘static’ number to a campaign. The main issue with this type of call tracking is that it only features last click attribution, meaning it doesn’t consider the full customer journey
  • Session-level – Individual users are assigned a phone number whenever they visit your website. However, these numbers only last the length of a session; if a customer leaves the website, you’ll lose information on their journey
  • Visitor-level – View the customer journey in full and trace visitor activity back to the first time they accessed your website. Mediahawk offer visitor-level call tracking so you can see all customer interactions, no matter how many times they leave your site.

Frequently asked questions

  • See which landing pages are driving calls
  • See which keywords and ads are having the biggest impact
  • See your best performing display adverts
  • Review calls and implement a strategy that improves customer service and sales tactics
  • Make custom reports to inform strategy
  • Stop wasting marketing spend on campaigns that aren’t effective
  • Achieve 100% marketing attribution
  • Be confident in your marketing decisions and get full visibility of your campaigns

Integrating Mediahawk with your favourite tools is easy. Customise integrations to suit your business so you can act on insights quickly. Learn more about call tracking integrations.

Many sectors benefit from call tracking in the UK and beyond, in particular:

  • Automotive
  • Care homes
  • Dental
  • Education
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing agencies
  • Technology services

At Mediahawk, we have a wealth of experience in supporting these sectors and more.

Mediahawk’s call tracking analytics can trace back from the outcome of a call to its source and all the touchpoints inbetween. Each phone conversation you have with a client or potential client is packed with information about your market. Our speech analytics software helps you mine each call for this information so you can implement changes that will make your sales and marketing smarter.

Social media doesn’t just drive online traffic – it drives phone calls too. View web and call data in one system with Mediahawk’s social call tracking and get a more accurate insight into your Facebook and Instagram performance.

Learn more about our integration with Facebook and Instagram Ads.

We have three great packages to choose from, and you can get started with Mediahawk today. View our call tracking pricing for more information.

Looking for something bespoke? Mediahawk packages are customisable and can be tailored to your needs. Speak to one of our team today.


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