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With Mediahawk’s leading call tracking software, get unparallel insight into every call

Discover the channels that generate calls and revenue and maximise every conversation to boost your marketing impact.

Call tracking built for business growth

Pioneers in advanced call tracking software, for over 20 years Mediahawk has proven to help businesses grow revenue, reduce wasted spend, and improve customer experience.

Get more leads

Increase your lead generation by identifying which online and offline campaigns drive calls.

Increase conversions

Boost website conversion by tracking callers' visited pages and origins.

Max your PPC strategy

Optimise ads by sourcing call-driving keywords and analysing conversations to identify trends.

Sell more, spend less

Spot hidden revenue opportunities and uncover where to cut wasted spend.

“Mediahawk’s a massive benefit. If you really want to understand where your customers are coming from and where to invest your budget, it’s truly invaluable.”

Director of Sales and Marketing, Dormy Care Communities

Gain valuable insights and improve your ROI with powerful call tracking features

Mediahawk provides trackable phone numbers for both your online and offline campaigns, coupled with unparalleled comprehensive data analytics, enabling you to assess your marketing performance at every level.

Boost your digital strategy with website call tracking

Boost your digital strategy with website call tracking

Our website call tracking reveals the sources and keywords that lead callers to your website, empowering you to enhance your digital marketing strategy.

Capture every interaction, from page visits and downloads to form-fills and live chats, even if they don't make a call.

Enhance your paid ads with PPC call tracking

Enhance your paid ads with PPC call tracking

See conversions from calls and clicks, providing a more accurate assessment of your ad performance.

Easily compare responses from Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook ads, and more in one report. Seamlessly integrate call data back to these platforms too.

Gain competitive advantage with speech analytics

Gain competitive advantage with speech analytics

Coupling website call tracking with Mediahawk’s speech analytics feature helps reveal key customer insights on an individual level and at scale to identify new lead generation opportunities, enhance your content strategy and improve customer experience.

Expand your reach internationally

Expand your reach internationally

Track call performance in over 80 countries, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your global marketing campaigns. Increase call volume and build customer trust with local numbers that seamlessly route to your existing system.

With Mediahawk’s software there’s no need to change your telephone setup.

Your call tracking questions answered

It is a tool that gives marketers data on which campaigns and channels drive phone calls. Your company’s phone number likely appears in various channels, from your website to billboard ads. It bridges the gap between online and offline channels so you can fully measure the impact of your marketing.

By assigning and tracking a different telephone number for each campaign, the system records call volume, the PPC ads clicked and the keywords used. This will give you a more accurate view on how your campaigns are performing.

It is essential if you want to discover the true return on investment of your marketing tactics. Once you have an accurate view, you’ll be able to get more out of your marketing budget and increase revenue.

Each type offers a different level of performance. These are:

  • Basic – This involves assigning one number per channel in order to see where calls come from. The insights are limited
  • Campaign-level – When a business buys phone numbers and assigns each ‘static’ number to a campaign. The main issue with this type of tracking is that it only features last click attribution, meaning it doesn’t consider the full customer journey
  • Session-level – Individual users are assigned a phone number whenever they visit your website. However, these numbers only last the length of a session; if a customer leaves the website, you’ll lose information on their journey
  • Visitor-level – View the customer journey in full and trace visitor activity back to the first time they accessed your website.

Mediahawk offers visitor-level tracking so you can see all customer interactions, no matter how many times they leave your site.

Mediahawk can trace back from the outcome of a call to its source and all the touchpoints in-between. Each phone conversation you have with a client or potential client is packed with information that can be used to categorise calls, send data into your CRM, or take action. Also, our speech analytics software helps you mine each call for deeper insight so you can implement changes that will make your marketing smarter and win more business.

Mediahawk integrates quickly and easily with industry leading martech tools, such as Google’s suite, Facebook, HubSpot and more. Plus, our easy-to-use API pulls over 80 data points to any system you want for complete attribution and analysis. Learn more about our integrations.

You’ll continue to keep any existing numbers you have. When you start using call tracking, you’ll receive new phone numbers for your marketing activities. These will replace the phone numbers on your website and marketing collateral. You can have as many new numbers as you need for your online and offline campaigns, and these will all route to your existing telephone numbers.

Mediahawk provides you with even more detailed insight than you get from Google, including:

  • Call start and end times
  • Call duration
  • The caller’s area code
  • Whether the call was answered or not, and
  • Conversions.

Our pricing is clear, simple, and transparent, and it’s easy to pull and view call data in your other systems. In addition, you’ll also get:

  • Call recordings
  • The caller line identity (CLI)
  • Their journey through your website, IP address, the page they were on when they called
  • All historical interactions (previous calls, website visits and any scoring notes), and
  • Advanced call handling and call management features.

You also have the option to choose the type of number you want to use – local, national, or freephone numbers are all available.

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Get actionable insights from every phone call with Mediahawk

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Grow sales revenue with outbound call tracking

As well as telemarketing, Mediahawk’s outbound call tracking software enables marketing and sales teams to capture and analyse the outcome of each call.

Get more insightful data than VOIP or desk phones, with no extra software required. Better understand the value of your outbound calls, and prove that they generate leads and revenue.

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Why choose Mediahawk for call tracking?

There are many reasons companies around the world trust Mediahawk.

  • Our software is one of the most accurate in the market, ensuring you can successfully attribute every call and visit
  • Pioneers in the industry, our quality product will help you get the most out of your budget, find a successful marketing mix and plan future campaigns that will drive sales
  • We’re renowned for our supportive and friendly service, and enjoy building relationships with clients from day one
  • We run a Client Excellence Programme which empowers all clients to get the best out of Mediahawk

Read more about why you should choose Mediahawk. And don’t just take our word for it – our case studies are full of success stories for you to read.

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Seamlessly integrate Mediahawk’s data across Google’s suite of marketing products and more, so vital call tracking insights are with you where ever you need it.