Boost residential move-ins with call tracking for care homes

Understanding which of your care home’s marketing activities are generating enquiries and which aren’t can be a real headache.

How Mediahawk call tracking helps care home groups

Mediahawk makes it quick and easy for you to see which of your campaigns are driving not only enquiries, but actual residential move-ins.

Cut your marketing costs

Reduce your PPC cost by focusing on the keywords responsible for enquiries and move-ins. Uncover the activities that work and those that don’t, for complete optimisation.

Fine tune your campaigns

Segment your enquiries by region, campaign, or even by individual home, and use the insight to tweak your marketing activities for specific audiences.

Get to know your audience

Get a complete picture of your prospect’s online and offline journey, including the things that influence their decision-making at every stage.

Discover actionable insights

Automatically detect keywords spoken in phone conversations, identify trends and adapt your strategy to improve conversions.

Learn how to increase conversions by 25% and improve ROI

Book a no obligation demo of Mediahawk and we’ll show you how call tracking and marketing attribution helps you boost conversions and improve your ROI.

You're in good company

Care home businesses using Mediahawk to succeed every day

Get attribution insights on all of your key channels, and more

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Our clients love Mediahawk

Tom Holloway

Barchester Healthcare

Barchester Healthcare used call tracking to drive a significant uplift in care home occupancy through paid search. They now understand which marketing campaigns generate phone calls, as well as online enquiries, and are able to target their advertising more effectively.

See how care home marketers benefit from Mediahawk

Having a full picture of response has allowed us to be much smarter and confident in our actions, we have upped the ante by considerably improving our campaign effectiveness.

Mandy Macara, Head of Marketing, Barchester Healthcare

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