Call Tracking for the Automotive Industry

Boost automotive sales and revenue with call tracking

23% of the AM 100 use Mediahawk to monitor their calls. That’s over 50% higher than any other call tracking company. Why?

The phone is the primary response mechanism for dealers. This means that it’s vital that dealerships are phone fit and managing enquiries effectively. Mediahawk provides comprehensive reports that are intuitive, and the software is easy to roll out across multiple retail sites.

  • Uncover ways to reach new customers in engaging ways, grow market share, and understand where you’re losing out to competitors.
  • Reveal precisely which marketing sources your enquiries come from – streamline your advertising and lower your cost per acquisition.
  • Attributing and analysing your calls gives you the tangible data you need to solve your enquiry management challenges.

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Trusted by the leading automotive brands

Mediahawk's call tracking is an invaluable tool for Marshall Motor Group. Not only does Mediahawk provide us with a good understanding of our marketing effectiveness but we use call tracking to manage our sales process much more efficiently. Mediahawk also provides us with excellent levels of support and service which is vital for to our business due to our approach to lean management.
Marshall Motor Group
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We've been working with Mediahawk since 2006 and find the team to be extremely knowledgeable and supportive. We started using their call tracking system to help us understand the ROI we get from our advertising spend. It provides us with extremely valuable insights and enables us to make very important decisions on current and future marketing investments.
Marketing Manager
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Call Tracking Resources for Auto Dealers & Retailers


Monitoring Calls-to-Action

Our whitepaper, written in conjunction with AutoTrader, provides actionable insight into how and when consumers interact with your dealership.

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How Call Tracking Improves Dealer’s Return on Sales

Phone calls are crucial for the automotive sector. Call tracking provides you with vital insight into your dealership performance

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Mind the Gap

How does changing consumer behaviour affect your dealership? Produced in association with Auto Trader.

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