Website call tracking / dynamic call tracking

Improve your user experience and increase website conversions with Mediahawk’s website call tracking


Gain deep insight into every call made during and after each website visit – from what keywords and marketing sources callers used to find your website, to what pages and users journeys converted into phone calls.

Conversion path analysis for website call tracking

Why track calls from your website

Website call tracking (also known as dynamic call tracking or visitor level call tracking) provides you with valuable insights, helps optimise marketing efforts, improves customer targeting and personalisation, and contributes to overall sales and marketing success.

Paid ads analysis from website call tracking
  • Conversion tracking

    Tracking calls from your site measures website effectiveness in generating leads.

    By monitoring calls from campaigns and landing pages, you can assess which strategies are driving phone enquiries and optimise your efforts accordingly.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) analysis

    Attribute calls to channels, campaigns, and keywords to determine which initiatives are generating the highest-quality leads and producing the best results.

    In turn, you can allocate budget effectively for higher returns.
Marketing attribution from website call tracking
  • Customer insights

    Analyse call data to understand the needs, concerns, and pain points of your target audience.

    Use these insights to refine marketing messages, improve customer experience, and enhance your strategies.
  • Personalised marketing

    Track calls and use speech analytics to gather caller information, such as demographics, interests, and purchase intent.

    By understanding customers at a deeper level, you can deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns and messaging tailored to specific needs, leading to improved customer engagement and conversion rates.
Call to action tracking using website call tracking
  • Optimisation and improvement

    Website call tracking offers insights for optimising your customers user journey.

    Identify trends, improve content placement, call-to-action buttons, and the overall user experience.

    Ultimately, it helps enhance website performance, maximise lead generation, and improve overall marketing effectiveness.

Website call tracking features at a glance

Before the visit

  • Know every touchpoint that led to a call.
  • Discover which marketing channels visitors use to get to your website.
  • See which keywords a caller searched for.
  • Directly compare your Google, Microsoft, and Facebook ads performance.

During the visit

  • Identify which pages generated calls, including pre and post-call views and subsequent visits.
  • Uncover the number of calls that come from your website.
  • Monitor call details such as time of the day and day of the week.
  • Use local, national or freephone numbers to build trust with your audience.

Post the visit

  • Connect Mediahawk with Google Analytics, Ads, HubSpot, and many more.
  • Track sales revenue back to the first visit.
  • Capture geo-location data to monitor regional response to campaigns and identify lead hotspots.

Why businesses choose Mediahawk for website call tracking

Dormy Care Communities

Case study

With Mediahawk’s dynamic call tracking in place Dormy has been able to get a much deeper understanding of the customer journey.

“We now know exactly what a particular customer is looking at on the website, how many times they call us, which sources they come from and more.

“Mediahawk’s a massive benefit. If you really want to understand where your customers are coming from and where to invest your budget – whatever sector you’re in – it’s truly invaluable.”

Director of Sales and Marketing

Dormy Care case study image of two women - the younger one has her hand on the older person's shoulder

Frequently asked questions

Website call tracking is also known as dynamic call tracking because dynamic number insertion allows for web pages to display telephone numbers that are unique to each visitor. This is done by Mediahawk providing a pool of numbers which then dynamically change when a user enters a page on your website.

By replacing the static number on your site with a Mediahawk dynamic pool, you can track the user’s journey. Mediahawk captures the marketing source the visitor accessed the webpage from (and the keywords if they came from pay-per-click), the pages they visited, any interactions while on your site, including calls, form fills, downloads, and live chat. Mediahawk also links a user’s previous and subsequent visits together, so you can see their entire history with you.

It’s easy to deploy Mediahawk’s dynamic numbers. By linking your Mediahawk account to your Google Tag Manager account, your software can be set up automatically, and you don’t need to touch your HTML. We have online resources and a support team that can guide you if you need assistance.

The phone is often one of your biggest sources of business, so it’s essential that you track it. If you don’t have dynamic numbers and visitor level call tracking in place you’re missing out on key analytics that can boost your conversions. Using just a single telephone number (known as a static number) doesn’t allow you to identify which channels and campaigns each caller came from and what they did on your site.

Tracking calls from your website helps you build a successful marketing strategy. You’ll know what campaigns perform well – and where to improve – while gaining a valuable understanding of your customer journeys and online experience. This gives you the best chance to boost your return on investment.

Static call tracking: It’s primarily used for offline campaigns and on third party websites e.g. social media. There is only one phone number for all prospects. If you have a static number on your website it means you have limited insights and unable to assess channel performance.

Dynamic call tracking: This is used on your website. Unique numbers are assigned to each visitor, and it tracks actions, multiple sessions, and buying journey. Dynamic numbers on your website enables you to map the entire customer journey.

Read more on the differences between static and dynamic call tracking.

Make your site perform better with website call tracking

Improve your user experience and increase website conversions by tracking calls from your website.

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