Visitor level call tracking

See the leads and sales your website generates

Mediahawk’s visitor level call tracking (also known as website call tracking) shows you which keywords and marketing sources callers use to find your website, helping you improve your marketing strategy and boost ROI.

Call tracking reports

Why marketers love visitor level call tracking from Mediahawk

Visitor level call tracking (or website call tracking) helps you maximise the performance of your website and your digital marketing campaigns. It means you can know which of your phone leads come through your website and what interests them along the way.

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Visitor level call tracking features at a glance

  • Optimise your website and campaign performance
  • Gather valuable customer insights with speech analytics
  • Easy integration with Google Ads and Analytics
  • Mediahawk support with no hidden fees
  • Simple to use reporting software
Mediahawk reporting dashboards.

Why is visitor level call tracking important?

The phone is often one of your biggest sources of business, so it’s essential that you track it. If you don’t have website call tracking software in place, you’re missing out on key analytics that can boost your conversions.

Tracking calls helps you build a successful marketing strategy. You’ll know what campaigns perform well – and where to improve – while gaining a valuable understanding of your customer journeys. This gives you the best chance to boost your return on investment.

Mediahawk call analytics dashboard reports.

Gain valuable customer insights

Visitor level call tracking allows you to track phone calls made as a result of your digital marketing campaigns and website experience. It can give you several helpful insights: who’s calling, where they’re located, how they found your site and what they did on it. Build detailed profiles of customers and their journeys, helping you create more successful marketing strategies.

Mediahawk KPI dashboard report.

Track phone calls from your website

We provide great-looking, easy-to-use call tracking reports to fully understand where your phone calls came from. You’ll see:

  • Every touchpoint that led to a call
  • The number of calls that come from your website
  • Which marketing channels visitors use to get to website
  • Which keywords a caller searched for
  • The pages on your site that generate sales calls – including the page the person was on when they made the call, and the pages they viewed before and after the call
  • The cities, towns, and postcodes you receive calls from
  • Call details by time of the day and day of the week

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From web sessions to phone calls

When a website visitor makes a call, the actions are linked in Mediahawk. This allows you to see the source the visitor originated from (including keywords if they came from PPC), the pages they viewed on your website, calls they made to your business, and any subsequent visits to your site.

Simple visitor level call tracking set up

It’s easier than ever to deploy website call tracking by using dynamic call tracking numbers. Using Google Tag Manager, you don’t even need to touch your HTML. By linking your Mediahawk account to your Google Tag Manager account, your call tracking software can be set up automatically.

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