Mediahawk helped Bamboo Nine achieve a 98% retention rate.

Bamboo Nine are a strategic digital agency with a refreshing approach to marketing. A full service agency, their services include Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, SEO, social media, email marketing and web development.

As a Google Ads Certified Company and Partner, they use market-leading technology to tailor-make strategies that ensure their clients achieve higher conversion rates, lower cost per lead and increased sales.

Their results speak for themselves.

Bamboo Nine

The challenge

Measuring offline response
Many marketing agencies deliver great results for their clients. The challenge lies in how those results are interpreted and used to further optimise your campaigns.

Measuring online conversions is easy enough. Measuring and attributing offline conversions is a different story altogether. Implementing a robust call tracking solution provides agencies with real evidence that marketing campaigns are generating leads and phone calls.

The need

Improve PPC performance and ad spend
Bamboo Nine specialise in PPC advertising. They have invested heavily in bid management software so they can quickly adjust bid spend to focus on performing search terms for their clients.

For this reason, it’s vital they know which keywords are generating visits to their client’s website and, more importantly, which keywords are actually driving calls and enquiries. They can also prove that they’re spending their client’s budget in the right places.

The solution

A tailored call tracking integration
Using our call tracking API, we set up a bespoke integration to stream keyword driven call data directly into Bamboo Nine’s bid management platform. This allowed them to quickly focus campaigns and PPC spend on performing keywords, ensuring that their client’s advertising budget was being used effectively.

The results

98% client retention rate
Call tracking helped Bamboo Nine accurately understand which keywords are driving calls, allowing them to optimise their clients’ PPC campaigns. They can see how paid search generates telephone enquiries and drill down into the data to pull out the most relevant and profitable keywords. This, in turn, has led to increased client retention rates and even resulted in clients spending more money with the agency.

Provide added value to your clients
Bringing our advanced call tracking software in-house eliminates the need for your clients to seek outside expertise and provides you with:

  • Knowledge that your client’s marketing investment is driving calls.
  • Proof that you are delivering tangible results.
  • The ability to optimise bid management and drive efficient cost per click and cost per lead.
  • Insight to further optimise your client’s wider marketing activities, including more intuitive SEO and content recommendations.
  • Detailed reports on call performance that your clients can use to train their call handlers.
  • White labelling our software provides an effective call tracking solution for your agency.

“Call tracking is crucial to any marketing strategy. Mediahawk is a vital part of Bamboo Nine’s strategy, because we are able to implement the data we receive and use it intelligently to make sure our campaigns yield the best results.”

Chris Rivera, Campaign Director, Bamboo Nine

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