Integrate Facebook Ads with call tracking

Social media is a key traffic generator to your website, but it could also be driving phone calls. Attributing which paid social ads are producing offline calls is essential to determine your budget allocation, and demonstrate your effort is paying off.

Mediahawk’s call tracking allows you collate both web and call data through one system, providing a full overview of your Facebook and Instagram campaign performance.

Using our direct integration, you can quickly adjust spend to focus on high-performing campaigns and optimise your ads to achieve efficient cost-per-click and cost-per-lead levels.

Benefits of paid social call tracking for marketers

Transform your paid social ROI

Integrate Facebook Ads with Mediahawk to see which ads are working and which aren’t, so you can cut wasted spend and boost ROI.

Make attribution quick and easy

Track and attribute previously missed inbound call conversions, alongside clicks, live chat, form fills and more.

Build new audiences

Create look-a-like audiences based on calls the led to sales to develop your social campaigns to target optimal audiences.

Get powerful customer insights

See source to conversion data in new clarity - including the full visitor journey - going right back to the original advert.

Performance-based paid social marketing

Adding call data to your social media analytics allows you to analyse the performance of all your paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

It enables you to make informed decisions from a position of complete knowledge to measure and maximise your return on investment.

Get complete clarity on your Facebook and Instagram ad spend

Are you wasting precious ad spend on ineffective campaigns? Mediahawk identifies your best performing paid social ads, so you can focus budget on what works best. Request a demo today to find out more.

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