Call Tracking for Healthcare Providers

Increase enquiries and optimise marketing campaigns

The healthcare market is fiercely competitive. Patients have access to more information than ever, and new considerations to evaluate before making decisions.

A data-driven strategy will elevate your practice above your competition.
Call intelligence and attribution provides you with insight into how your campaigns perform and whether they resonate with your target audience. Download our guide to gain a deeper understanding of what drives enquiries, and how your marketing efforts contribute to revenue.

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Whenever I need a call tracking company I always come to Mediahawk and have done so since they first started up. I can get a bank of numbers from which I get brilliant reports and I think the system is great.
Marketing Manager
Signature Care Homes
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Since using Mediahawk we have been able to get a more complete picture of the effectiveness of our online marketing and identify the areas providing the best value for money. Importantly we are able to build a more complete understanding of our marketing ROI.
Head of Marketing
Zita West
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Why Mediahawk?

Lighthouse Healthcare save 60% of print media spend

Lighthouse Healthcare, a private healthcare provider, wanted to understand how effective their website was at generating inbound telephone enquiries.

They also wanted to be able to monitor response to their online and offline advertising campaigns.

Using Mediahawk’s call tracking solution, they are able to accurately measure response rates from their multi-channel marketing campaigns. They also use the call intelligence data to transform their marketing strategy and optimise their spending to increase inbound enquiries.

How does call tracking work?

Dynamic call tracking (also known as call intelligence or visitor level call tracking) works by adding a small snippet of code to your website.

This code shows each visitor a unique phone number, allowing you to connect their call to you to their website journey. A pool of numbers is allocated to your website, and every unique number seamlessly connects to your existing phone number.

Mediahawk captures your calls in real time, intelligently attributing them to any marketing activity the caller interacts with. This insight enables you to understand which marketing campaigns and keywords are responsible for driving phone sales and revenue.

Find out more about call tracking and attribution in our downloadable guide.

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