Track student recruitment and course enrolments with call tracking

Know exactly how many enrolments your marketing campaigns are responsible for generating.

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Focus on your most successful campaigns

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Using dynamic phone numbers on your website lets you track specific calls and identify exactly which marketing activity led that visitor to ring you. This even includes using unique custom numbers to track offline advertising, such as newspapers and billboards, as well as online.

Recognising which marketing channels are driving the highest conversions means you can focus your efforts on your most successful advertising campaigns and, ultimately, increase your return on investment.

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Learn how to increase conversions and improve ROI

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How will you continue to compete for enrolments?

Smart institutions are focusing on streamlining and improving their digital marketing strategy to make sure their advertising budgets are well spent.

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Why call tracking is the training marketer's silver bullet.

You’ll learn:

  • Discover which digital platforms and formats are engaging your potential students, and how to use these to build relationships and increase engagement
  • Track interactions with prospective candidates all the way from their first marketing touchpoint, through your website, to enrolment
  • Understand how tracking the right KPI’s ensures that you can make the right marketing investments moving forward
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Crucial connections

Using dynamic phone numbers on their websites for clearing, universities can easily see which acquisition channels their target audience use to find their website.

Instant insights

An adult education centre place a creative advert in a local newspaper, and use a unique phone number as a call to action.

When candidates phone for details on fees and a prospectus before booking, the marketing team know immediately which marketing campaign is responsible for those enquiries.

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Effortless intelligence

A corporate training company emailed their database about new courses and discounts.

The email linked to a landing page with a form, and visitors were invited to a live chat session. With call tracking, marketers can see the whole journey, all interactions, and are able to link subsequent calls to the original email.

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