How technology services firms drive higher business growth

Technology and software companies move at a fast pace. You need agile strategies for lead generation and marketing to find prospects and close deals.

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Call tracking for IT services firms

Call tracking credits every inbound lead to a marketing source, whether they contact you by phone or online.

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  • Pinpoint the marketing channels that drive high-value phone leads
  • Reveal your true ROI from trade shows, events, and other below the line activities
  • Get a more accurate picture of the user journey, including the campaigns they respond to, the pages they view, and the ways they want to get in touch with you
  • Effectively target and track response from your target territories all over the world

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Why IT firms choose Mediahawk

Worldpay is a leader in global payment processing technology. The firm handles a large number of calls and needed to identify the different types of calls they receive in order to increase the number of inbound sales calls.

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We worked with Worldpay to build a custom solution that helped the firm:

  • Increase sales by identifying the reasons for dropped calls from their product pages
  • Accurately attribute 100% of sales calls to their marketing campaigns
  • Streamline the customer experience by changing the sequence of their IVR

You're in good company

Some of the IT firms using Mediahawk to succeed every day
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“Just wanted to say thank you for the Google Universal Analytics custom dimension integration. It’s working great, and I now have great visibility on where our spend is going on a daily basis. I love it!”

Digital Marketing Manager, WorldPay
Worldpay case study.

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