Mediahawk helped DCBL achieve a 22% saving on its Google Ads spend

Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd (DCBL) as seen exclusively on Channel 5’s ‘Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away!’, is the UK’s fastest growing High Court Enforcement Company set on the principles of excellent client service levels, real time reporting and outstanding collection rates.

In 2016, they collected over £15million for their clients whilst maintaining a 98% client retention rate; recognising the importance of providing an unparalleled level of service, and striving to deliver this to encourage the ongoing relationships they build with their clients.

Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd

The challenge

Measuring online marketing ROI accurately
Due to the complex nature of financial products, most customers want to discuss their options over the phone. Because of this, Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd (DCBL) receive very high call volumes into their business

Marketing heavily online via Google Ads, social media and email, they were not able to effectively attribute these calls to sources, or calculate an accurate return on investment. They spend a significant amount of their marketing budget on these channels, however they were not able to fully determine whether these campaigns resulted in new enquiries.

The solution

Dynamic numbers track offline response to online marketing activity
Mediahawk’s dynamic website numbers solution is used by DCBL’s marketing team; enabling them to track and accurately identify calls originating from their online marketing campaigns.

After fully understanding DCBL’s issues with inaccurate marketing ROI and their objectives to resolve them, we built a customised solution to meet their needs. The detailed reporting offers in-depth metrics and insights into the performance of their online marketing campaigns and the inbound calls these activities generate. This intelligence allows them to adapt their efforts to maintain a more efficient ROI, whilst also being extremely easy to use.

The marketing team also use customisable URL tagging within Mediahawk for their social media and email marketing activity. This feature is ideal for multi-channel campaigns: It enables them to easily segment their response to each campaign by source, allowing them to see which channel was the most effective at generating enquiries and conversions.

The results

22% saving on Google Ads spend
Following the implementation of call tracking throughout their marketing, DCBL were successfully able to make efficiencies by cutting unprofitable campaigns.

“In our Google Ads campaign we were able to identify the exact keywords which were driving calls from our potential and existing clients, enabling us to cut costs on the ineffective search terms and focus our efforts on those that were driving new enquiries. We saved around 22% of our spend from Ads. We now use this saving to advertise our profitable keywords more prominently.”

Tom Robinson, Marketing, Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd

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