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When there’s a disconnect between lead generation and conversion, all your hard work and budget can go to waste. Link your marketing efforts to revenue to find the most profitable marketing channels.

Establish yourself at a local level in the countries you’re targeting by using local phone numbers for your website and marketing campaigns.

Call-by-call, discover exactly which marketing sources drive inbound sales calls.

Phone calls are crucial for the automotive sector. Call tracking provides you with vital insight into your dealership performance.

How many conversions can you prove were a result of your agency’s work? Learn how call tracking and attribution enables you to prove your worth, enabling you to gain and retain more clients.

No need to compromise on activity levels or the quality of your marketing work. This video shows you how our dashboards give you at a glance info.

Do you know your call conversion rate from paid search? Mediahawk pulls information directly from your Google Ads and Bing campaigns, enabling you to compare your PPC conversions much more easily.

Phone calls are a key response mechanism within many sectors. Correctly attributing what drives them is key to getting a proper return on marketing investment.

If you’re not tracking telephone calls in your Google Analytics platform you’re only seeing half the picture. Tracking calls as conversions allows you to see which channels generate calls directly in your Google Analytics account.

If your digital campaigns link back to your website, tagging those links gives you more granular insight into the performance and value of each of those individual activities.

The phone is a critical communication channel for retailers. Boost your ROI, increase sales, and improve customer loyalty.

Our whitepaper, written in conjunction with AutoTrader, provides actionable insight into how and when consumers interact with your dealership.

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