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Marketing is key to attracting new patients, especially in the fiercely competitive healthcare market where the majority of new patients will pick up the phone to make an appointment.

Five times as many enquiries without increasing ad spend! See how Receptional did it…

Trying to figure out where to spend your marketing budget is a constant challenge. Attributing your sales directly to your marketing activity is key to getting it right.

If you’re only tracking clicks for your clients, you’re missing out on half the picture. Call tracking technology gives you the evidence you need to prove your real value to clients.

Larger, or more nuanced, business requirements mean that your customer is still more likely to pick up the phone and talk to someone. This leaves a marketing response data gap that needs to be filled.

When there’s a disconnect between lead generation and conversion, all your hard work and budget can go to waste. Link your marketing efforts to revenue to find the most profitable marketing channels.

Establish yourself at a local level in the countries you’re targeting by using local phone numbers for your website and marketing campaigns.

Call-by-call, discover exactly which marketing sources drive inbound sales calls.

Phone calls are crucial for the automotive sector. Call tracking provides you with vital insight into your dealership performance.

How many conversions can you prove were a result of your agency’s work? Learn how call tracking and attribution enables you to prove your worth, enabling you to gain and retain more clients.

No need to compromise on activity levels or the quality of your marketing work. This video shows you how our dashboards give you at a glance info.

Do you know your call conversion rate from paid search? Mediahawk pulls information directly from your Google Ads and Bing campaigns, enabling you to compare your PPC conversions much more easily.

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