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Uncover which ads drive calls with Mediahawk’s leading PPC call tracking software to optimise your PPC performance and boost ROI.

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Get a true picture of your PPC performance

Mediahawk's integrations with PPC software
  • With PPC call tracking technology running alongside your ads, you’ll better understand the relationship between your ads, calls, and conversions. You’ll no longer be in the dark about how your campaigns drive phone enquiries.
  • Mediahawk gives you a true picture of your paid ad campaign performance, so you can make better-informed decisions, cut wasted spend, and maximise your marketing budget.
  • Quickly and easily compare performance from Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook ads, and more in one report.
Mediahawk Performance Max integration.

Enhance your Performance Max campaigns with our advanced Google Ads integration

Drill down into the detail of user behaviour and send this data as signals into Google Ads to optimise your Performance Max (PMax) campaigns.

  • Feed highly relevant audience signals into Google Ads to optimise your PMax campaigns.
  • Reduce wasted ad spend and maximise your budget by focusing on the ads and networks that deliver conversions.
  • Gain a true picture of your Google Ads campaign performance across all advertising networks.

Client results using Mediahawk

more phone enquiries
client retention rate
saving on ad spend
PPC attribution

Case study: Increasing phone enquiries fivefold 

“Mediahawk helps us see which marketing methods are generating calls, then we prioritise our spending accordingly. For one client, when we started using Mediahawk we were able to generate five times as many calls – without increasing ad spend. You can imagine how happy the client was.”

Justin Deaville, Managing Director, Receptional

Mediahawk’s PPC call tracking features

Know which keywords drive calls from PPC ads

Get a real-time view of the PPC keywords that convert to sales calls. Then attribute inbound calls to individual PPC keywords and make smarter decisions about your ads budget.

Analyse conversations to boost conversion rates

Tweak ads to drive more revenue-generating conversions based on the real-world conversations your salespeople have with customers.

Take advantage of key days and times for demand

Use data from past campaigns to optimise your paid search budget to allow for peaks and troughs in enquiries – both online and offline.

Track and attribute your click-to-call ads

Simply place Mediahawk’s call tracking numbers in your ads to capture data on the people who choose to call you rather than click your ad.

Transform your paid search ROI

Use PPC call tracking to see which ads are working and which aren’t, so you can cut wasted spend and boost ROI.

Identify hidden call conversions

Track and attribute previously missed inbound call conversions, alongside clicks and form fills.

Make attribution quick and easy

Automatically identify spoken keywords in calls, discover new keywords, and track and attribute calls back to the originating PPC campaign.

Get powerful customer insights

See source to conversion data in new clarity, going right back to the original keyword a caller searched to reach your website.

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Improve your performance with PPC call tracking

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Frequently asked questions

It is a tool that gives marketers data on which campaigns and channels drive phone calls, along with insight on the caller and call. Your company’s phone number likely appears in various channels, from your website to billboard ads. It bridges the gap between online and offline channels so you can fully measure the impact of your marketing.

By assigning and tracking a different telephone number for each campaign, the system records call volume, the PPC ads clicked, the keywords used and more. This will give you a more accurate view on how your campaigns are performing.

It is essential if you want to discover the true return on investment of your marketing tactics. Once you have an accurate view, you’ll be able to get more out of your marketing budget and increase revenue.

  • See which landing pages are driving calls
  • See which keywords and ads are having the biggest impact
  • See your best performing display adverts
  • Review calls and implement a strategy that improves customer service and sales tactics
  • Make custom reports to inform strategy
  • Stop wasting marketing spend on campaigns that aren’t effective
  • Achieve 100% marketing attribution
  • Be confident in your marketing decisions and get full visibility of your campaigns

There are multiple types of call tracking. Each type offers a different level of performance. These are:

  • Basic – This involves assigning one number per channel in order to see where calls come from. The insights are limited
  • Campaign-level – When a business buys phone numbers and assigns each individual ‘static’ number to a campaign. The main issue with this type of tracking is that it only features last click attribution, meaning it doesn’t consider the full customer journey. It’s used predominantly offline such as on flyers, business cards, and billboards.
  • Session-level – Individual users are assigned a phone number whenever they visit your website. However, these numbers only last the length of a session; if a customer leaves the website, you’ll lose information on their journey
  • Visitor-level – View the customer journey in full and trace visitor activity back to the first time they accessed your website.

Mediahawk offers both campaign-level (i.e. static numbers) and visitor-level tracking (i.e. dynamic pools). With the latter, this means you can see all customer interactions, no matter how many times they leave your site.

Read our brief guide on the difference between static and dynamic call tracking.

Mediahawk are pioneers in the call tracking industry and specialise in tracking and analysing calls. Therefore, Mediahawk provides you with even more detailed insight than you get from Google, including:

  • Call start and end times
  • Call duration
  • The caller’s area code
  • Whether the call was answered or not, and
  • Conversions.

Our pricing is clear, simple, and transparent, and it’s easy to pull and view call data in your other systems. In addition, you’ll also get:

  • Call recordings
  • The caller line identity (CLI)
  • Their journey through your website, IP address, the page they were on when they called
  • All historical interactions (previous calls, website visits and any scoring notes), and
  • Advanced call handling and call management features.

You also have the option to choose the type of number you want to use – local, national, or freephone numbers are all available.

Mediahawk integrates with Google, and so data can we both pushed into Google and/or pulled into Mediahawk so you can see your key metrics in one place.

No. You’ll continue to keep any existing numbers you have. When you start using call tracking, you’ll receive new phone numbers for your marketing activities. These will replace the phone numbers on your website and marketing collateral. You can have as many new numbers as you need for your online and offline campaigns, and these will all route to your existing telephone numbers.

Mediahawk integrates quickly and easily with industry leading martech tools, including Google’s suite, Facebook, HubSpot, Salesforce and more.

Our easy-to-use API pulls over 80 data points to any system you want for complete attribution and analysis.

Plus, you can access real-time data via our webhooks.

Learn more about our integrations, or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Social media doesn’t just drive online traffic – it drives phone calls too. View web and call data in one system with Mediahawk’s social call tracking and get a more accurate insight into your Facebook and Instagram performance.

Learn more about our integration with Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Yes you can. This is called porting, and is an easy way of ensuring that you are able to carry on using numbers you may have had for a long time. We don’t charge for porting your numbers, and you can continue to use them while the process takes place.

Mediahawk is packed full of powerful features that help you understand precisely which campaigns generate high quality calls and leads: