PPC call tracking

Uncover which ads drive calls with Mediahawk’s leading PPC call tracking software to optimise your PPC performance and boost ROI.

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Get a true picture of your PPC performance

Mediahawk's integrations with PPC software
  • With PPC call tracking technology running alongside your ads, you’ll better understand the relationship between your ads, calls and conversions; you’ll no longer be in the dark of how your campaigns drive phone enquiries.
  • Mediahawk gives you a true picture of your paid ad campaign performance, so you can make better-informed decisions, cut wasted spend, and maximise your marketing budget.
  • Quickly and easily compare responses from Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and Facebook ads and more in one report.

Client results using Mediahawk

more phone enquiries
client retention rate
saving on ad spend
PPC attribution

Case study: Increasing phone enquiries fivefold 

“Mediahawk helps us see which marketing methods are generating calls, then we prioritise our spending accordingly. For one client, when we started using Mediahawk we were able to generate five times as many calls – without increasing ad spend. You can imagine how happy the client was.”

Justin Deaville, Managing Director, Receptional

Mediahawk’s PPC call tracking features

Know which keywords drive calls from PPC ads

Get a real-time view of the PPC keywords that convert to sales calls. Then attribute inbound calls to individual PPC keywords and make smarter decisions about your ads budget.

Analyse conversations to boost conversion rates

Tweak ads to drive more revenue-generating conversions based on the real-world conversations your salespeople have with customers.

Take advantage of key days and times for demand

Use data from past campaigns to optimise your paid search budget to allow for peaks and troughs in enquiries – both online and offline.

Track and attribute your click-to-call ads

Simply place Mediahawk’s call tracking numbers in your ads to capture data on the people who choose to call you rather than click your ad.

Transform your paid search ROI

Use PPC call tracking to see which ads are working and which aren’t, so you can cut wasted spend and boost ROI.

Identify hidden call conversions

Track and attribute previously missed inbound call conversions, alongside clicks and form fills.

Make attribution quick and easy

Automatically identify spoken keywords in calls, discover new keywords, and track and attribute calls back to the originating PPC campaign.

Get powerful customer insights

See source to conversion data in new clarity, going right back to the original keyword a caller searched to reach your website.

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Improve your performance with PPC call tracking

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