Static vs dynamic call tracking: what’s the difference?


Typically used for offline marketing activities or social media campaigns, static refers to a single phone number that every prospect will use to contact you. For example, you might place a static trackable phone number into a print ad or display it on your Facebook profile page. This form of call tracking won’t give you any detailed insights about your prospects, but it will help you understand which channels perform best.


Dynamic phone numbers are exclusively used on your website and change ‘dynamically’ when different prospects visit your site. This works by using a ‘pool’ of numbers – essentially a set of phone numbers that are asisgned to you – which then dynamically change when a user enters a page on your website.

By replacing the regular phone number on your site with a dynamic pool from Mediahawk, you can track the user’s journey.

When a prospect lands on your home page, for example, they will be ‘assigned’ a unique phone number. The number will be displayed throughout your website, but only that visitor will see it.

Every action they take – for example viewing a particular set of web pages, using a car configurator tool or initiating a live chat – will be logged against their dynamic phone number. If they leave the website and come back at a later date, their new sessions will also be logged. And when they do finally pick up the phone and call you, any insights gathered from the conversation will be recorded against their buying journey too.

Ultimately, dynamic call tracking allows you to map the entire customer journey; from early interactions with your online and offline marketing campaigns, right through to final sale.


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