Get the insights you need with call tracking reports in Mediahawk

Take the guesswork out of building a high-performing marketing strategy, with customisable, actionable call tracking reports.

Benefits of call tracking reports for marketers

Make monthly reporting a breeze

Schedule reports to automatically update and be sent to whoever needs to see them.

Impress the people that matter

Bring never-before-seen insights to your marketing performance reports and wow your team and the board.

Get started in a flash

Mediahawk reports are designed to be intuitive and easy to create and analyse.

Build strategies that work

Act on clear, easy to read data and hone your marketing strategy to drive success.

Find your best-performing campaigns in an instant

Mediahawk’s dashboards are a marketer’s best friend, with simple and intuitive tools to help you do more with your marketing budget. Book a 15-minute demo and see for yourself.

More reasons to love call tracking reports in Mediahawk

See at a glance what’s working best

The Mediahawk dashboard and reports are a marketer’s best friend. You’ll quickly see which channels, ads, keywords, and marketing interactions drive results – and which activities don’t.

Get more insights than ever before

By passing custom information into Mediahawk – such as device type, campaign, content and creative – you can get even more insight into caller behaviour and preference.

Test and refine at the speed of thought

Analyse conversions by source to understand user behaviour and run A/B experiments to test copy, creative or call-to-actions. Build a strategy that delivers real results, based on accurate data, not guesswork.

Mediahawk integrations

Mediahawk integrates quickly and easily with industry leading martech tools

Read how businesses level up with Mediahawk

“We have been using Mediahawk’s call tracking for over five years to help us make better marketing decisions in our business. The introduction of call scoring and listening to our recorded calls, has raised the game even higher. The increased insight has put in place a series of changes that we would not necessarily have had the confidence to make. These changes are vital to the future of the business to ensure FJ Chalke thrives for another 80 years.”

Steve Fowler, Dealer Principal, FJ Chalke

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