[Case Study] How Call Tracking Increases Online Sales

A research study of phone call and website data from a group of online retailers over a three month period has revealed that consumers who called their online stores at the end of the week spent longer on the phone and produced higher conversion rates. The study also discovered that consumers converted more quickly after a phone call.



Callers Who Talk For Longer Are More Likely to Convert

We found that prospects who called and then went on to make a purchase spent up to five times longer on the phone. They also looked at approximately 30% more webpages than those who didn’t call. This suggests that the caller-segment want to carry out much more research than average.

By connecting a phone conversation with a subsequent online purchase, our clients were able to learn what signified a positive customer conversation for them. They were then able to segment and listen to those calls, allowing them identify consumers who will potentially go on to make a purchase and improve how these calls are handled.

Analysing Buying Patterns

They were also able to determine which days of the week the calls are most likely to generate sales for them and discovered that conversions from these days accounted for a third of overall sales. This means that that they were able to predict when their best resources were needed to help ease customers along the sales path.

After-hours Calls Are Vital to Retailers

The website data demonstrated that customers are still engaged late into the evening, but call volumes plummeted after 5pm. This means that retailers were missing out on potential sales at the end of the working day.

By offering after-hours telephone support, retailers can encourage contact during peak browsing times leading to an increase in conversions.

Call Tracking For Retailers

Our call tracking software with integrated visitor level technology can trace calls from both online and offline marketing channels. Visitor level tracking can follow a website visitor’s journey from the moment they enter your website, to when they call your business and right through to when they make a purchase.

This software is indispensable to retailers because it has allowed them to attribute calls and sales to the original marketing source. The call data the software collects has generated some useful insights into how they can meet their consumers’ needs and transition them through the checkout process.


The analysis provided some unexpected, but surprisingly obvious, insights into the purchasing behaviour of their customers – enabling the retailers to meet consumer demand, improve customer service and increase sales. Online retailers are now seeing the massive benefits that call tracking services provide, and are enjoying being able to effectively tailor and manage their marketing campaigns to get more traffic that actually converts.


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