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Your feedback is always at the heart of our product development roadmap, and it’s about time we update you on some exciting new features!

Insights: AI scans your data for anomalies

Insights is a powerful AI technology that discovers what’s important in your data and alerts you, so you can take meaningful action quickly. For example, you might get an insight about a drop in calls for a particular keyword. Insights gives you the opportunity to address it immediately before it turns into a long-term decline.

Each time Mediahawk identifies a new Insight, it’s instantly and easily accessible in your account.

Screenshot of Mediahawk reporting platform showing Insights bar.

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Learn which combinations of activities lead to conversions

It’s not always the first engagement that produces leads. It can take 3-4 interactions before a visitor decides to buy from you. Those touchpoints during the ‘consideration’ phase of the customer journey are just as important to understand as the first and last clicks are.

Visitor Source Flow report

This report shows the bigger picture of the journeys that customers take to convert. For example, you might think that PPC isn’t producing any leads for you, but this could actually be the key engagement for your customers during the research phase.

Mediahawk source flow report.

What’s more, by setting up Call to Action tracking, you can see the journeys that are most likely to trigger certain CTA’s. This allows you to anticipate demand more effectively if, for example, you know that a certain campaign is likely to mean that there will be a high volume of phone calls.

Mediahawk source flow report.

Attribution report

Attribution report.

Which marketing channels influence calls? The Attribution report consolidates inbound calls by source/medium, and shows you where calls fall into your customer journey.

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Looker Studio Partner Connector: Extend your reporting capabilities

Push your phone call data into Looker Studio along with your other marketing platforms and get instant, customisable, and visually engaging reports. Mediahawk Data Studio Report.

  • View any of Mediahawk’s 80+ data points in a single report
  • Create custom dashboards to track performance and revenue across all your marketing channels
  • Save valuable time creating reports and analysing results.

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Dynamic call tracking for AMP

Mediahawk now integrates with AMP for a complete picture of your mobile marketing attribution, and to help you refine your targeting.

  • Get valuable insight into which of your mobile marketing efforts are driving calls – and which are falling short.
  • Comprehensive profiles of your inbound callers, including their phone number, the source they originated from, the pages they visited, and the actions they took on your site.
  • Call recording and speech analysis is especially useful for businesses, allowing you to analyse the content of calls in more detail. Speech analysis data can be used to create audiences for retargeting campaigns, and call recording is an invaluable training tool.

Sharing dashboard templates

Create dashboards, and share templates with the rest of your team quickly and easily.

More call handling features to support your business operations

There’s been a massive shift to home working for a number of sectors, including financial services, legal, and technology. Mediahawk’s advanced call handling gets your remote workforce working like a well-oiled machine with the addition of two great new features:

  • Mid-call divert: Ideal for transferring live calls between remote workers.
  • Ring destinations simultaneously: Ring all your destination numbers at the same time until someone picks up.

And there’s more…

We’ve streamlined a lot of the back-end processes too, making it much easier to set up and get to the data you need, including:

  • The Call-to-Action feature is now a secondary dimension across all our reports, so you can get to an even more granular level of detail with all calls-to-action, including form fills, and live chats
  • Missed and received call alert emails now contain campaign/dynamic URL and title of the page the visitor was on when they called, the number pool name, source and medium, call category, and account
  • We’ve added a code checker that runs in the background to check that your dynamic numbers have been set up and are working correctly
  • A ‘Find and Replace’ option searches your website and allows you to edit your numbers easily – no more trawling through each page to manually amend your tags!
  • Making the admin Integrations page much more intuitive

These exciting features are live on all Mediahawk accounts now.

What’s next?

Getting to the heart of analysis is high on your agenda, so more insightful and seamless reporting remains on our roadmap. We’ll also be bringing you more integrations and features to improve the success of your marketing campaigns and help you become a more efficient marketer.

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

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