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Mediahawk’s new Insights feature gives you key information – without you having to hunt around. I’d like to explain how it works and how it will benefit you as a marketer, to save you time and effort.

Each year, chiefmartec.com release an infographic showing the state of martech. Each year it grows. In 2011 it had 150 vendors. Today it has 8,000+. The fact that there are so many commonly used martech products shows how easy it is for marketers to suffer from data overload… and how important it is to get to key information quickly.

Mediahawk Insights

We’ve developed an AI algorithm that analyses your data and produces a prediction of the activity we would expect to happen on your account. This prediction is compared against actual performance. Where we find outliers, we highlight these to you:

Mediahawk Insights feature.

For example, you might suddenly see a big increase or decrease in calls on a particular keyword. By highlighting this as it happens, you can adapt your spend accordingly – saving money and improving your campaign results.

To produce Insights, Mediahawk analyses hundreds of data points across your account. We build up a predictive model that, not only takes into account the general trend of your data, it also takes into account weekends, bank holidays and seasonality. The algorithm will always take your most recent data, and tweaks its model so that our prediction is based on your most recent data trends. This way, we can be more accurate than simply comparing a specific day with the same day last week or last year – something that is commonly done.

Once Mediahawk has analysed your data, calculated its predictions, and compared them with actual data, we present it to you in an easy-to-understand, simple set of Insights within our reporting platform. Alongside this, if you choose to, we can email you when a new Insight occurs:
Insights email alert.

Avoid data overload

We understand that you don’t want to be bombarded with Insights and emails all the time, so we’ll only highlight Insights that matter to you.

If your account is performing consistently and there are no outliers, we won’t highlight anything. This allows you to spend your time focusing on the things that matter – safe in the knowledge that if something changes, Mediahawk will be there to highlight it to you.

Using Insights allows marketers to only deal with exceptions. You can let Mediahawk work through your data for you – so you only spend time on your call tracking when you need to.

Insights is live on all accounts now

Launch the Insights dashboard within your account by clicking on the bubbles:
Access Mediahawk Insights.

Get in touch with our expert call consultants and let us show you what you can get out of your insights

About the author - Murray Picton

Head of Development at Mediahawk with over 10 years’ experience leading high performing development teams. Murray is an expert in call tracking and marketing attribution, working with customers to build outstanding products that increase revenue through accurate marketing analytics.