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Murray Picton

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Using the new Mediahawk Source Flow report, you can now easily see and understand the conversion paths that drive phone calls and calls-to-action on your website.

See the whole picture of visitors – across all their conversions and all interactions with your website – in one report.
What’s more, you can also drill down and see the detail behind the numbers.

Attribution continues to be a major challenge across channels

The average conversion rate achieved online is 3%. This is usually measured by taking the number of conversions divided by the number of visitors you receive. However, this doesn’t tell you the whole picture. Most visitors to your website don’t convert on their first visit. Studies have shown that, on average, it takes 3-4 visits for your visitor to decide to actually do business.

This means that if you’re measuring your marketing performance based on conversion rates you are not only under-reporting your success but, depending on your attribution model, you could also be missing important steps in your visitor’s journey, and making budgeting decisions that impact your conversion rate without realising. The only way to see the full picture in your marketing is to see the full journey customers are taking – including all assisting visits.

Reveal the path to conversion

To better understand conversion paths, we have introduced a new ‘Source Flow’ report. No longer do you have to rely on first or last-click attribution to understand your conversion paths, you can now see how your visitor journeys convert:

Mediahawk source flow report.

By grouping the journeys that individual customers have taken to convert, you can see how your marketing spend is influencing your conversions. It may be that paid search is very rarely a first or last click, but is frequently part of the visitor journey. Without this information you could cut your PPC budget and detrimentally affect your conversions.

The source flow report doesn’t just show calls. Set up the Mediahawk ‘Call-To-Action‘ (CTA) tracking feature and see the journey that customers take to trigger a form fill, live chat, or any other call-to-action you track on your website:

Mediahawk source flow report.

The devil is in the detail

Finally, through the Source Flow report, you can click into the data and be taken straight to the underlying detail of the calls or CTAs. If you want to know all the calls that have been driven by people who first visited from an email then came direct, to convert – this can now be done. Clicking on the data will allow you to see all the calls and drill into their complete visitor journey to understand why these customers converted.

As a marketer, once you can see that people are taking 3-4 visits and which journeys they are taking to convert, you’ll be able to improve the CRO where it is needed.

The Mediahawk Source Flow report lets you see the whole picture across all customer conversions, and easily understand the paths that customers take to convert. You’ll be able to allocate budget appropriately and see where the best multi-channel conversion paths are driving your leads.

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Murray Picton

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