How Mediahawk helps Real Business Rescue meticulously track the customer journey

Real Business Rescue is a nationally renowned provider of insolvency advice to limited company directors in financial distress, established in 1989.

Real Business Rescue is a market leader in the insolvency and restructuring sector with an ironclad online presence maintained by combined efforts across content, search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), outreach, PR, and social activity.

Their advice-led website is a core lead generator, bolstered by a quality-rich content strategy comprising evergreen articles, how-to guides, interactive videos, and annual data releases.

Their internal digital marketing team consists of talented SEO experts with an eye for spotting unique opportunities within the SEO minefield. They also have a wealth of experience in tracking site performance, and take a razor-sharp approach to lead attribution.

The challenge: Tracking pre-sale customer journey to accelerate lead conversion

Real Business Rescue wanted a useful tracking tool to follow customers throughout the pre-sale journey and gain an insight into what pages they visit and what call to actions they select.

This data is essential to the company as it helps dig deeper into the intent of customers, identify the source of the entry point, and track where PPC leads come from.

The solution: Dynamic visitor level call tracking

The priority for Real Business Rescue was to find a solution to the above, track the entry point for each converted lead, such as PPC or cornerstone content, and understand the customer journey through to lead conversion.

Dynamic visitor level call tracking fitted the bill for them. They’re able to use Mediahawk data to:

  • Build customer profiles by tracking pre-sale behaviour, i.e., what pages they visit, how many times, at what times and through which mediums. This information is used to tailor campaigns and devise new content ideas.
  • Track from what page call to actions are initiated to understand the information and services customers search for.
  • Assess what pages are core lead generators, and utilise these through advertising campaigns to improve quality and quantity of inbound leads.

The results: Better understanding of customer behaviour

Real Business Rescue put Mediahawk to work in three ways:

1. Identify content gaps with call recordings

Mediahawk stores call recordings which helps Real Business Rescue analyse the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, attribute leads to a source, and track the user journey in the run-up to the phone call. The team share these call recordings with colleagues that are instrumental in creating marketing campaigns to help them pluck out untapped keywords and identify content gaps.

2. Track PPC search terms

Mediahawk is used to track pay per click (PPC) performance, including the exact search term or phrase entered by the user which subsequently led them to make a call. This data helps uncover the customer thought process which is then used to refine PPC messaging and launch new targeted campaigns.

3. Create tailored reports on demand

Mediahawk’s reporting dashboard automatically populates data based on selected preferences, such as acquisition source, location, time, and operational performance.

This built-in report feature makes way for streamlined reporting which is useful for dissecting large data volumes. The instant download/export function also lets the marketing team repurpose their data with ease and incorporate this into their marketing reports.

“Using Mediahawk to dig into user intention helps us understand customer behaviour better. We know what drives customers to respond to our campaigns and how to take our marketing to the next level to improve the quality and quantity of conversions.”
Keith Tully, Partner, Real Business Rescue

About the author - Keith Tully

Keith Tully is a partner at Real Business Rescue, a company restructuring and insolvency provider that supports company directors in financial distress. Keith offers insolvency and liquidation advice, along with Covid-19 guidance to businesses across the North West of England.

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