How to increase conversion rates with user behaviour analytics in Mediahawk

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As we’ve discussed in past blog posts, if you aren’t starting your conversion rate optimisation efforts with a solid understanding of customer behaviour, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure.

Simply focusing on bog-standard analytics from previous campaigns won’t cut it when it comes to gathering insights to improve campaign performance and increase conversion rate.

It really is crucial to get that customer journey map nailed and make a concerted effort to understand as much about customer behaviour as you can.

That way you’ll make better-informed, customer-focused optimisation decisions that truly improve conversion rates.

Practical ways to improve conversion rates using Mediahawk

Mediahawk is designed from the ground up to help marketers better understand customer behaviour and optimise the path to conversion. It allows you to drill right down into the detail behind your marketing activity and your results. You’ll get a clear picture across different marketing channels of which visitor journeys generated calls, website form submissions, or live chats – and more.

Read on to find out how…

Conversion path

The source flow report shows you the all the marketing sources that lead to interactions and conversions. By looking at the source flow report, you may find that the majority of your conversions come from people who’ve seen a particular Facebook ad, for example.

Mediahawk conversion path report.

Paid ad analytics

With the Paid Campaigns report, you can compare platforms to see which ones bring a high number of sales and the keywords used. You can then use this insight to tweak your campaigns – focusing more budget on the channels, content and keywords that generate the best returns.

For example, as a care home business, you may see that your print ad campaigns return fewer leads each month than your social media campaigns. This insight may prompt you to adjust your print ad budget and put more budget behind your social media activity, driving greater conversions.

Mediahawk paid ad analytics report.

Call to action tracking

You’ve probably got a number of calls to action on your website. In the call to action report, you can quickly and easily see which calls played a part in a completed action, such as a form fill, download, or live chat. It also shows you how that event contributed to the action, with first-click to last-click attribution.

Just like in Google Analytics, you can use secondary dimensions to add further insight into each report. For example, you can see which of your marketing campaigns drive the most actions.

call to acction tracking in Mediahawk.

Phone call sources

With the sources report, you can see which channels typically drive more phone calls. Phone leads tend to convert at a higher rate, so knowing how to optimise campaigns to generate more phone leads can mean the difference between an average ROI and a sky-high ROI.

Track phone call sources in Mediahawk.

Speech analytics

With phone call speech analysis tools, you can hear first-hand from customers and learn from their concerns and questions. With this insight, you can optimise your campaigns around the issues that matter to them.

For example, as a car dealer, if you consistently hear customers asking about finance options for a new car, you may choose to optimise some paid ad campaigns around your current financing offers. This will speak to their immediate needs – verified by speech analytics – and help you drive more conversions by aligning your business with their needs.

Speech analytics from Mediahawk.

Using all these tools together will give you an incredibly detailed picture of what drives conversions for your business. In turn, you can use the insights to fine-tune your campaigns and deliver increased conversion rates for your business.

Whether you’re a car dealer, a care home group, or any other type of business, your marketing success relies on a solid understanding of customer behaviour.

The tools in Mediahawk are designed to help you do this right out of the box.

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

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