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Maintaining a consistent pipeline of leads for your clients can be difficult. It requires you to understand what encourages their visitors to engage, which marketing tactics generate valuable leads, and what pushes leads to convert.

This data isn’t always easy to capture. While many marketing agencies employ common analytics tools to gather data on their efforts, some miss a key opportunity to understand their clients’ leads and generate more successful results. And that opportunity lies with Mediahawk’s call tracking and marketing analytics software.

The telephone remains one of the most important channels to marketers today – in fact, Salesforce’s recent report found it to be the second most popular channel consumers use to contact businesses, surpassing mobile apps, online chats, and social media.

Its popularity means that many of your clients will likely still receive a lot of phone calls every day – all of which will have valuable information on their leads that you can use to generate more engagement.

Below, we’ll reveal exactly what data you can capture from your clients’ phone calls, and how to use the insights to inform your lead generation strategy and prove the value of your marketing efforts.

The phone channel: A gold mine for marketing agencies

While digital marketing channels continue to grow and evolve, the phone channel still plays a major role in many industries. It gives customers an opportunity to contact your clients directly, and offers the chance to receive immediate resolutions to their queries.

“In many commodity-based sectors – such as retail – transactions are often simpler and don’t require a lot of back-and-forth between a brand and the lead. For instance, you don’t need to ask many questions when purchasing a book,” explains Faye Thomassen, Head of Marketing at Mediahawk. “But in sectors selling more complex services, leads will inevitably require more engagement.”

Whether it’s calling to ask about a service, booking an appointment, or even making a purchase, there are dozens of touchpoints throughout the buying journey.

All these touchpoints can provide valuable information about:

  • what tactics are working in your overall campaign to engage leads,
  • what’s helping them convert to sales,
  • and what you might be able to do in the future to optimise your strategy.

There’s also a lot of granular data you can capture, such as a lead’s journey through a client’s website, the ads they interacted with, and the page that encouraged them to call. And with the right tools, capturing this data from calls is easy.

How to get the most from your phone calls with call tracking

Insights like these will become especially important over the next year. With Google’s planned removal of third-party cookies in 2025, you’ll soon be more restricted in what you can learn about leads. While you’ll still be able to gather general insights on platforms like Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the more granular – and most valuable – data won’t be as easy to capture.

Using the right call tracking and marketing attribution platform, you can fill these data gaps and understand what campaigns and channels drive your clients’ phone calls.

Our own platform, Mediahawk, assigns and tracks a different number for each campaign to tell you the PPC ads leads clicked on, the keywords that encouraged them, and much more.

Mediahawk visitor journey visualisation.This includes information such as the caller’s number, the page they called from, the device they used, previous interactions with your website, call durations, callers’ approximate locations, and conversions.

And unlike on platforms like GA4, where you’d often need to wait 24 hours for data to process, this information is available in real time.

That’s especially useful when you need to make changes to a campaign that’s not working. You’ll often be able to identify issues before they’re flagged to you by your clients, whether it’s a 404 error on your website or a link in your PPC ad going to the wrong location.



How call tracking helps a strategic marketing agency achieve 98% client retention

Bamboo Nine is a full-service marketing agency that specialises in PPC advertising. It invests heavily in bid management software, so its marketers can quickly adjust bid spend to focus on the best possible search terms for their clients.

Using our call tracking API, the agency streams keyword-driven call data directly into its bid management platform. This data helps the agency quickly focus campaigns and PPC spend on the strongest keywords, and ensure their clients’ advertising budgets are being used as efficiently as possible.

Get to know your leads even further with Speech Analytics

Once you’ve identified what’s making people call your clients, you can see what they’re actually calling about.

Mediahawk’s Speech Analytics tool can help you pick out specific information from your clients’ phone conversations in real time. You can identify common words and phrases that come up in conversations – or that indicate a caller is a lead – and use this information to adapt your PPC strategy.

AI-powered Speech Insights from Mediahawk.The platform’s new AI-powered Speech Insights feature is especially useful for marketing agencies, too. If you have a large, varied client roster, it’s unlikely you’ll have time to listen to dozens of phone calls, all of which will likely differ in topic significantly. But with Speech Insights, you can analyse overarching trends across your clients’ calls, and quickly unpack the details of individual conversations.

By asking a simple question, you’ll receive valuable insights from your clients’ call histories without searching through hours of recordings. You’ll also be able to categorise calls to pinpoint the sources that drive the best outcomes for your clients – so you can tweak their campaigns to generate more leads.

Turn your data into actionable insights

Getting the information from your clients’ phone calls is just half the challenge – you also need to know how to apply it.

Mediahawk’s reporting features make it easy to view, understand, and manage your data. They can help you map the entire customer journey for each of your clients and generate the insights you need to inform future campaigns.

Some of the most helpful reports in Mediahawk include:

  • The ‘source flow’ report – This report shows all the marketing sources that contributed to a conversion and the channel the lead converted on. In the same report, with Sales Matching enabled, you can also see sources that contributed to the revenue, and the optimum visitor journey for sales.
  • The ‘visitors’ report – Here you’ll see the entire visitor journey for everyone who visits your clients’ websites. It offers granular insights you can’t get from GA4, including how the lead found your client, what content they interacted with on their website, and when paired with Sales Matching, which marketing sources contributed to sales.
  • The ‘paid campaigns’ report – This report allows you to compare PPC campaigns across Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing), and Facebook Ads on one screen. From here, you can easily compare data like calls, visits, ad spend, and sales across all three platforms to see which campaigns and platforms are performing best.

With multiple ways to dig into the data, it becomes much easier to spot patterns across your campaigns that tell you how well your efforts are working.

“Another feature that’s particularly useful in Mediahawk is Parameter Connect – it allows you to pivot data in any way you want,” adds Faye. “It’s a great way to compare PPC performance on big ad platforms like Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook Ads with other paid channels, such as LinkedIn, X, Instagram, and TikTok.”


Being able to track the results of your marketing efforts can help you improve the services you deliver to clients.

Using the right call tracking tool, you can provide tangible evidence of the results you’re achieving with their marketing budgets and identify opportunities to generate even more value from their spend. It’s a chance to improve client satisfaction, increase your profit margins, and cover even more of the marketing mix.

Talk to one of our experts today to see how call tracking can help you elevate your marketing strategy services. They’ll be able to understand your client base and your current marketing challenges, and recommend where call tracking will be most valuable to your agency.

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Talk to one of our experts today to see how call tracking can help you elevate your marketing strategy services. They’ll be able to understand your client base and your current marketing challenges, and recommend where call tracking will be most valuable to your agency.

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