Five ways to convince clients that call tracking works

If you work at a marketing agency, you’ve most likely heard about the power of dynamic call tracking. But how can you sell the idea to your clients — and win more of their business? These tactics will help.

More marketers are discovering why dynamic call tracking is now an essential part of their attribution toolkit. It provides added proof of the effectiveness of campaigns — and also reveals actionable insights that lead to even better results.

Right now, you may think your clients rarely get calls as a result of your activities. But once dynamic call tracking is switched on, a different picture can emerge. So often, telephone enquiries and leads can be traced directly to PPC ads, Google organic searches, Google My Business, social media, offline marketing and a host of other activities.

This isn’t surprising though, because conversations are still a key part of the sales story. Almost two thirds of smartphone users have contacted a business directly from search results, for example, by using click to call. Similarly, 88% of consumers searching for a local business on mobile devices end up calling (source: Quoracreative) or visiting.

But how can you convince your clients that it’s worth adding a few lines of code to their online presence — so you can deploy call tracking and see what’s really happening with your marketing activities?

Here are five ways to win them over:

1. Dynamic call tracking boosts their sales and saves money

With your help, they’ll be able to get more conversions for their budget and avoid spending on activities that deliver a poor return on investment. When they want to push a product or service, you’ll know exactly which keywords and media will have the greatest impact — and your client can see the full results, including calls and where they came from.

2. They’ll be smarter than their competitors

Increasingly, tech giants capitalise on data to understand customer journeys better, create relevant touch-points and enhance experiences. Dynamic call tracking can catapult your clients into this world. It’s a quick win for them — and a chance to steal a march on competitors. A trove of valuable data is within easy reach, just waiting to be harvested and acted on.

3. They don’t need to become data scientists — or hire any

The best dynamic call tracking services are simple to implement and integrate with Google Analytics. You can create custom dashboards and see call conversions alongside online conversions. You can even have the top-line stats emailed instantly to you and your clients.

4. Your clients can punch above their weight

Even if rival companies have bigger budgets, their campaigns are likely to under-perform if they base them on personal preferences, hunches and a smattering of data that fails to tell the full story. In contrast, your clients can be nimble, targeted and ultra-effective because your tactics are founded on clear evidence of what works.

5. They don’t need to deal with another agency

The best dynamic call tracking providers play a supportive role — and never attempt to muscle in and steal the show. Their role should be about adding value to agencies and their clients, so their relationships strengthen. The results can be impressive. Just take agencies like Bamboo Nine, which has achieved a 98% client retention rate and also seen an increase in client spending.

Something else you mustn’t miss

Once clients are sold on the idea of dynamic call tracking, make sure you don’t accidentally sabotage your plans by choosing a provider that restricts the pool of numbers you use. Rather than a fresh phone number being assigned to each customer, this could mean that numbers are recycled. As a result, each record could end up smeared with multiple data fingerprints, creating a confusing picture about where calls originated.

Much better to choose a service that uses artificial intelligence to expand your number pool automatically whenever traffic spikes — so each customer’s journey is crystal clear.


About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

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