Marketing agencies: Boost your landing page conversions

Got a campaign with a great hook and landing page to increase conversions for your client? How do you know how well you are converting your hard earned traffic?

If the answer is not entirely clear, you’ll want to read further. There are a few ways to make sure that your next client campaign gets the press it deserves with fully tracked results and ROI to wow your clients.

Here’s how:

  1. You can test and optimise your ads and landing pages for best results.
  2. You can track all of your direct response to the ad.
  3. You can track the visitors to your landing pages, and how they convert.

A simple and integrated combination of campaign measurement methods could change the way you optimise your conversions online and offline.

Testing and optimising

Testing your campaign is a basic, but integrating it cross channel takes it up a notch. Mediahawk integrates with Optimizely for this purpose.

In two clicks, your accounts are integrated and you can A/B test your landing page.

With this integration you can test both online conversions and conversions to phone calls, increasing your ability to generate returns on your client’s investments.

Taking things even further, you can test versions of your ads with url tags which are then tracked on our reporting platform:

Our pages report shows you exactly how your pages are performing:

  • The tags that led your visitors to each page (and therefore the ads that generated the visit)
  • Any keywords linked to the visit, where relevant
  • The landing page and any further pages visited after that
  • Full visitor and call information

Tracking direct response

Tried and tested, using individual static call tracking numbers for each ad and source you wish to measure direct response from outside of your website is a sure way to track and measure the full customer journey.

Because A, B, and C ads each have an individual phone number, you can see exactly how each ad converts directly.

Your usual phone numbers will tell you how many calls you got for each ad. But our static call tracking numbers will help you make the most of the calls, measure and increase how you handle inbound calls, and improve call handling to drive more sales, appointments, or leads.

After all, if you spend money advertising, and you optimise your online campaigns to the point where you have versions, tags, and landing pages, it’ll be relevant to also optimise how you handle the responses you receive, regardless of the source, medium, and format. Calls, like form submissions and emails, are only one click away…

Tracking visitors and conversions to your landing pages

Call tracking isn’t just about tracking call responses however. You can track all your visitors and their individual visits. Within the same system, you can track individual sources, and even when the response comes after a click through to your landing page.

So now you see how A, B and C ads are converting directly and indirectly, and over multiple visits.

Perhaps ad A was aimed at generating direct responses and it did pretty well at that, but a percentage of your prospects clicked through instead, and some of them didn’t convert on your landing page either.

Instead of seeing those web conversions as lost in the ether of landing page abandonment, with dynamic call tracking you now have a cookie tracking subsequent visits from your visitor to the same website domain. So if your ad resonated with them and they remember the name of the brand or business, they may well search for it within the next 12 months, find the business again, and here you are (provided they didn’t delete cookies), able to see that their very first click was your ad… and then they converted at a later date.

We give you first and last click attribution reporting because your work as a marketer is rarely short term.

Bonus: PPC keywords tracking

Did you know that with pay-per-click (PPC) ads, if you use a Mediahawk call tracking number directly on your ad and your prospect clicks through to your website instead, we offer a PPC keyword tracking extension?

The extension is perfect for your landing page because it means that the visitor will then continue to see your PPC ad phone number on it, after clicking straight through.

So if your client results are on a last click basis for your PPC ad, this is an excellent way to extend the reach of the ad, and capture more conversions.

With Mediahawk call tracking and our easy integration into Optimizely, Hubspot, Marin, Salesforce and Google Analytics for example, it’s easy to measure how effective multi-parts campaigns are. It no longer makes sense to measure each part individually only: online and offline, we help you optimise your customer journey and conversions for your clients.

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

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