12 Benefits of Call Tracking

A successful marketing campaign is crucial to growing your business. To measure and maximise the performance of your website, PPC ads, and other online marketing channels you already use a selection of online analytics tools, but how do you measure the the leads you receive through phone calls?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the same detailed, actionable data to understand which of your marketing campaigns are most effectively delivering valuable telephone leads?

Call tracking provides you with this information and more.

1. Prove your marketing is working

The biggest benefit of call tracking, by far, is knowledge. Discover which marketing campaigns work – and which don’t. Your flashy TV ad during the World Cup final might be in a prime position, but if no one picks up the phone to call you, the thousands of pounds spent on that ad are not worth the investment.

2. Track phone calls back to keywords

PPC advertising is one of the most measurable forms of advertising. The problem is that an increasing number of prospects click on PPC ads then choose to call the number because they either can’t, or don’t want to, continue with their enquiry or transaction online. Call tracking allows you to track these offline conversions and provides you with data on the sources that led to calls, such as keywords, ad messages and landing pages, giving you a much more accurate grasp on ROI.

3. Evaluate PPC landing page performance

Monitor the performance of every PPC landing page you create and determine which landing pages generate the most calls, the most quality leads and the best conversion rate.

4. Attribute phone leads to the correct source

Track phone leads back to specific TV, radio, print or digital marketing by using unique telephone numbers for each piece of marketing. This allows you to accurately measure the effectiveness of each channel, enabling you to demonstrate concrete marketing ROI from every source.

5. Analyse your call data in real time

Integrating your call tracking data with Google Analytics allows you to view your telephone enquiries in the same way you view web statistics. You can track your calls as events to see how many calls were effective, see which source they came from, and activate a goal when a call is made to a phone number. The results you get from integrating call tracking with Google will help you to make decisions that are more informed, as well as streamlining your marketing budget and helping your move forward strategically.

6. Affordable source of high quality data

Probably the one thing that concerns businesses the most – the cost. Call tracking is extremely cost-effective. It actually saves you money by providing you with a clear understanding of which of your marketing efforts are generating quality leads.

7. Easily measure your marketing ROI

Call tracking provides you with granular data on your inbound and outbound telephone activity, allowing you to track response rates for PPC ads, keywords, email marketing, website activity, direct mail, offline advertising and more.

8. Recapture missed sales opportunities

Every missed phone call is a missed sales opportunity for your business. A surprisingly high number of out-of-hours enquiries go unanswered. One of the features of call tracking is missed call alerts. This sends an email to registered users alerting them of a missed call, along with the callers details. Knowing how many calls you miss and where those calls are coming from is valuable information.

9. Target your prospects geographically

The call data provides information about the caller’s geographic location. You may start to notice that a large number of calls are coming from a certain location – or that very few calls come from another. This data allows you to refine your marketing accordingly so that you can improve your targeting.

10. Uncover opportunities for business growth

Drilling down into the sources of your phone enquiries allows you to identify areas that your business can use to grow. Knowing the geographical data about prospects is essential. Call tracking technology helps you recognise potential in untapped areas and enables you to see larger trends from specific locations, providing you with the information you need to implement your marketing strategy.

11. Improve customer service

By analysing the volume of calls your business receives – and misses – each day, you can ensure that you have appropriate staffing levels. You may also notice patterns emerging: the same questions being asked repeatedly, or there may be certain products that are selling particularly well. Prepare your call handlers by providing them with as much information as you can ahead of time so that they can deal with enquiries more effectively.

12. Track the performance of call handlers

Detailed call data provides you with information on your call handlers performance. You can track how many calls were answered, how many were made, whether they were converted and how much revenue was generated. Call recording also allows you to monitor staff on calls, to check for quality and highlight any training needs or missed opportunities.

That’s it for the 12 Days of Christmas Tips

Of course, call tracking goes above and beyond the 12 points highlighted above. To find out more, simply request a demo, and let us talk you through the benefits in person.

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