Marketing agencies: the content marketing tool you may have missed

Any agency that provides content marketing services to its clients faces a significant challenge: delivering maximum value and consistent results through the content it produces (or the strategic recommendations it makes).

Of course, content marketing isn’t easy. As marketing guru Mark Schaefer writes, the amount of web-based content out there typically doubles every couple of years. That’s a monumental amount of content being produced. And it presents a real challenge for agencies looking to cut through the noise on behalf of their clients.

Getting your voice – or your clients’ voices – heard has never been harder.

So what can agencies do to get ahead of the game?

The secret sauce for stand-out content marketing

The evolution of software-as-a-service (SaaS) has put web-based content marketing tools in the hands of every marketer. For content marketing teams, this has been a revelation – giving them easy access to analytics data on content campaign performance.

It has meant that content marketing teams can make better-informed decisions at every stage of the content production process.

Digital content can now be tracked and analysed within an inch of its life. You can know everything from what content is preferred by certain audiences, how they tend to view it, when they view it, and a whole lot more.

For agency teams looking to deliver real content marketing campaign results for clients, this insight is gold dust.

But for many agencies, there’s still a lot of insight that goes missing. Using digital analytics tools to track content performance often misses one crucial channel: the phone and the content marketing leads that come through it.

When it comes to building a sharp-shooting content strategy, you can’t afford to miss the insights phone enquiries can give you.

4 ways to supercharge content marketing

Let’s take a look at the biggest wins you can get from client campaign data (and believe me, this is just scratching the surface).

1. Know which PPC ads drive calls

When you start tracking the calls that come from PPC ads, you’ll be privy to a world of information about the target audience – information such as what keywords they searched and what their online and offline customer journey looks like. This insight is crucial for building stronger content marketing strategies, with targeted content that truly resonates with your clients’ customers.

2. Compare the content and performance of different ad campaigns

With Mediahawk, you can have your Google, Microsoft and Facebook ads right alongside each other in your reporting. It means you can directly compare the performance of each and, ultimately, see which mediums work best for your target audiences. You can also feed this insight into your content marketing campaigns, finessing and pushing your content out through the most relevant and effective channels.

3. Pinpoint the best performing calls to action

With call-to-action tracking, you can see which types of content deliver the most conversions and interactions. You can drill down into what sort of actions your content drives – for example, do most people tend to jump straight into a product demo after consuming some content? Or do they prefer to read a case study first? Tracking this helps you better understand the customer journey and ensure you aren’t pushing sales-focused calls-to-action too early in the buying journey.

4. Get a clear picture of content revenue

ROI is a big deal – especially where clients are concerned. Everything must generate a return, and content marketing is no exception. With Mediahawk’s marketing attribution reporting, you can instantly see which sources and mediums are generating the most (or least) revenue. It also shows you at which stage of the buying journey this is happening – for example the first, middle or last click. With this insight in hand, you can tighten up your content marketing and deliver the right pieces to your target audience at the right times. The result? An increase in your content marketing return and a happier client.

With content marketing, the trick is always to be relevant, useful and timely. Content marketers have had this drilled into them for as long as anyone can remember.

But in order to deliver content for your clients that consistently hits the spot, you need to be grabbing insights from every possible direction.

Tapping into your clients’ phone calls with a marketing analytics tool like Mediahawk helps you bridge the content insights gap. What’s more, it gives you a clear picture of the customer journey too – helping you understand what content types, topics and channels will work best.

Overall, you’ll build stronger, leaner and more effective content marketing campaigns for your clients. And most importantly, deliver the results they expect.

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

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