Taming the tangle – in a zap!

Marketers are getting busier than ever. Not just with more to do in the marketing mix, but with tens of different systems, platforms, and solutions to get to grips with, in thousands of different combinations.

Think about what you’ve got in your own organisation. You’ll likely have 4 or 5 different social media accounts and a scheduling app such as Hootsuite, all your Google accounts (such as Analytics, AdWords or Double Click), other search engines, your email platform, your sales CRM…

Integrating Zapier with Mediahawk and your other marketing systems will save you hours of work each week. Here’s how.

2017 martech landscape.

Martech Today catalogues all these systems. Back in 2011, they listed with 150 companies. In 2015, it had grown to 2,000. In 2016 it was 3,500. By the end of 2017, it included 4,891.

We’ve spoken on this blog before about how call tracking and analytics can provide you with the marketing attribution you need to identify best performing channels, campaigns and tactics. But how can you apply that to the ever multiplying set of marketing tools?

The good news is that Mediahawk now integrates with Zapier. Zapier is a cloud based service that integrates thousands of other platforms together, without the need for native integration. It lets you create connections to push data from one app to another using triggers and actions. Each connection, made up of a trigger and an action, is called a ‘Zap’.

So, imagine this setup: You have a website based on WordPress, with Google Analytics and on-site forms for inbound enquiries. AdWords running PPC pushing people to the website. Email campaigns from Marketo. And of course inbound phone enquiries. All dropped into Salesforce. You want to identify your most profitable and effective marketing as well as optimise areas that aren’t performing as well as they should.

Using Zapier, with a few simple clicks in a visual drag-and-drop interface on the web, you can link together all those tools and drop Mediahawk in to the mix. Mediahawk will continually gather intelligence on what marketing activity is generating your calls, and the prospect/customer journey.

By linking it together with your other systems, you can now create a chain of events – seeing your full ROI as Mediahawk takes your AdWords costs, and compares them with your sales revenue from Salesforce. Your email campaigns are tagged and you see revenue raising interactions happen in realtime and your inbound sales calls are quickly and simply recorded in your CRM, alongside how the prospect behaved, to better shape future sales calls.

And all “done in a day” to get it setup.

Sound like that’s something you could do with in your organisation?

  • No more missed leads or sales calls.
  • No more not knowing what channels work.
  • And no more 1-2-1s where you’re asked what the marketing ROI is and you stumble.

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About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

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