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Do more with less

Know which marketing activities work and which don't. Cut wasted spend and get more from your campaign budgets.

Achieve 100% attribution

No more missed leads! Map every conversion across online and offline channels, giving you a true view of where leads come from.

Track the customer journey

Get a complete picture of the customer journey, from the keywords they use in phone calls to the times they're most active.

Be the smartest marketer in the room with Mediahawk's call analytics


Discover the true ROI of your marketing activities, with Mediahawk’s call tracking analytics, loaded with actionable insight.



Connect Mediahawk with your marketing stack – including Google Analytics and Ads, Data Studio, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier and many more.



Join up online and offline marketing activities and see which marketing channels really lead to conversions.


Simple set up

Setting up Mediahawk is quick and doesn’t require any technical know-how. Our support team is here to help you at every step, free of charge.


Speech analytics

Automatically categorise calls based on the words and phrases your customers use. Understand customer wants and needs to improve marketing messaging and tactics.

Mediahawk dashboard report.

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Mike Kennedy

Business Coach

Learn how call tracking helped this business coaching firm drive better value to its clients. By giving clients the ability to know which marketing campaigns are generating phone calls, Mike can confidently help clients remove the guess work.

Stephen Maguire

Digital Flourish

By giving his clients the tools needed to know which marketing campaigns generate phone calls, Stephen can confidently show which paid search campaigns are bringing in leads through every contact channel, ultimately driving better value for his clients.

Tom Holloway

Barchester Healthcare

Barchester Healthcare used call tracking to drive a significant uplift in care home occupancy through paid search. They now understand which marketing campaigns generate phone calls, as well as online enquiries, and are able to target their advertising more effectively.

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Frequently asked questions about call analytics

Call analytics collects marketing data from phone calls into a business such as marketing attribution, keywords, visitor journey, call length and more. Mediahawk’s call analytics software includes speech analytics, which gathers insight based on the content of phone call conversations. This means marketers can identify which customers are quality leads, what they are interested in and whether or not they will convert.

Call analytics software allows marketers to get a complete picture of the customer journey. It allows marketers to pinpoint the most profitable leads and get a deeper understanding of their customers. This helps marketers to understand which marketing activities are working and which are not.

Call analytics works by designating a unique tracking code to all your marketing sources. These tracking codes capture data such as information about the caller and marketing attribution. For instance, geographical locations or the marketing source that started the call.

Call analytics also transcribes the content of the conversations using speech analytics. The content of the conversation is analysed to uncover any insights on whether they are profitable leads, or what product or service they are looking for.

All the data and insights is then visualised into reports for marketers. All the data is presented in insightful reports and dashboards. In this way, marketers can hone in on easy to read visual data to better optimise campaigns and produce meaningful monthly reports.

Marketers should invest and use call analytics as it allows you to see the full picture of a campaign, connecting online and offline journeys. It’s crucial to understand the complex journey your customers make between online and offline channels. Your customers could potentially have a minimum of 20 touch points before they purchase including a phone call; the majority of these touchpoints won’t show on a traditional marketing source report. Mediahawk’s call analytics allows marketers to see all the touchpoints of their customers’ journeys so they can pinpoint areas to invest in, driving more conversions at a lower cost. It also highlights areas that could be better optimised.

Arguably the most important benefit of call analytics is that it can improve ROI. Call analytics gives you greater visibility across your campaigns; you can quickly identify which marketing activities are generating leads and sales or which activities are underperforming. This means less wasted spend on campaigns that aren’t working, ultimately contributing to greater revenues.

See some of the reasons to choose Mediahawk for call analytics, and view our case studies for real-life success stories.

  • Get an insight into your customers’ journeys so you can better optimise your campaigns and marketing strategies.
  • See which campaigns are performing well and invest more time and money into tactics that work.
  • Eliminate spend on campaigns that don’t deliver and get the most out of your marketing budget.
  • Use insights to improve customer service and customer experience – two factors that impact conversions.
  • Easily integrate call analytics software with other marketing tools.
  • Use speech analytics to analyse conversations and develop sales techniques.
  • Integrate with social media ads like Instagram and Facebook.

Most sectors would benefit from call analytics. At Mediahawk, we have a wealth of experience in supporting across these sectors, and more:

Discover features beneficial to your sector, and read our success stories. Or get in touch to see how we can help your business achieve 100% marketing attribution.

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