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What marketing activity is making your phone ring?

For many businesses, sales enquiries over the phone are your most valuable leads with the highest conversion rate. As marketers, you’ll want to track and attribute these phone leads to their original marketing source, just as you do with online contact.

Mediahawk’s call tracking improves marketing ROI and sales conversions by showing a complete picture of attribution through PPC, email, social, print and other marketing campaigns.

Inbound calls: conversion rate of to sale is between 30 to 50% (source: Salesforce)
Web leads: conversion rate of to sale is just 2% (source: Salesforce)

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What is call tracking?

Simply put, call tracking tells businesses which marketing channels produce phone calls, and which channels don’t. It’s like Google Analytics for the phone. Advanced call tracking also scores leads, records calls, flags missed opportunities, gathers customer intelligence and tracks other contact such as forms fills and live chat conversations. Used effectively, call tracking increases offline and online conversion rates significantly.

Call tracking works by assigning a unique or dynamic tracking phone number to each of your marketing activities such as re-targeting ads, pay-per-click campaigns, email newsletters etc. When a prospect lands on your website and calls the number, they are tracked like any online interaction, providing a detailed view of their journey – from source to call and beyond.


Track online & offline with two types of phone tracking number

What else can you do with call tracking?

Get Detailed Call Tracking Reports

Viewing reports couldn’t be easier with Mediahawk’s software. You can track any interaction (phone call, form fills and live chats) and push this information to your search analytics and CRM. You can even see which calls were a direct response from Paid Search adverts.

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Using Mediahawk, Worldpay now seamlessly attributes all their marketing activity directly to sales. By joining the online and offline customer journey, they’ve increased conversion rates and improved their customer experience.

“I now have great visibility on where our spend is going on a daily basis.”

Michael Sheppard
Digital Marketing Manager, Worldpay

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Every client receives full support from Mediahawk. Our response time is the quickest in the industry. Our friendly and knowledgeable team deliver exceptionally high quality levels of service, from set-up to ongoing training, integration and in-house technical support.

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