Track phone calls in Google Analytics & Ads

Are you missing a crucial piece of data from your marketing response? Integrating call tracking with your Google Analytics and AdWords account enables you to view telephone conversions alongside online conversions, giving you a more complete view of how your marketing campaigns are performing.

Mediahawk offers the most advanced Analytics integration available, and provides a granular level of detail for advanced tracking.

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Benefits of integrating Google Analytics and Mediahawk

Our Google Analytics integration provides you with a better understanding of the interactions that lead to call conversions:

  • Easily view which pages generate calls in your Analytics account
  • Track every interaction with your campaigns and view phone calls in Analytics
  • View custom data about the phone call, such as call length or service number back to Universal Analytics
  • Create custom dimensions and metrics to track even more detail in Universal Analytics
  • Compare your phone call data to your online activity in your Analytics account
  • Customise the information you send to Analytics per number/campaign.

Google AdWords

Mediahawk also integrates with AdWords. This enables you to:

  • Attribute calls made on AdWords visits to the Ad Groups and Campaigns that were responsible for them
  • Extract Ad Group and Campaign data from AdWords to build new reports in Mediahawk
  • Ensure Auto-tagging and Tracking templates are setup for Mediahawk to track correctly
  • Send conversions straight to your Ads account.

View technical information about Mediahawk integration into Google products.

If you want to find out how Mediahawk can ensure your marketing campaigns get proper credit for generating phone calls, why not request a demo?

About the author

Author: Natalia Selby

Marketing coordinator at Mediahawk, with over 10 years experience in analytics, content management and eCommerce.

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