Technology partnerships: The key to product-led business growth for SaaS and tech companies

For technology and SaaS companies, driving innovation and continuous development of your product is key to unlocking further business growth. Having more robust features puts you in a much better position to improve your customers’ use of your product – helping fill in gaps in the data, making your platform more sticky, and making their workload easier.

It’s easier said than done though. The research, investment, development, and expertise required to bring those features to your end users are big challenges to overcome. Bringing a strategic technology partner with the product and features you need on board lightens the load. The right partner works with you to develop an integration to create a really powerful product that makes your clients’ live easier, and delivers a real commercial impact to your business by giving you a substantial competitive advantage, driving lead generation, and significantly increasing revenue opportunities.

In this article, we’ll explore what SaaS and technology providers can expect from a strategic tech partnership with Mediahawk.

What benefits does having a strategic technology partner bring?

Strategic technology partnerships are instrumental in helping B2B SaaS and tech companies scale and expand their customer base. For technology companies, continuously enhancing the feature set of your product and delivering greater value to clients is imperative to your business growth. After all, companies with more robust features will be in the best position to solve customer problems. And developing those long-term partnerships can also lead to increased brand awareness, lead generation, and more. The benefits also include being in a strong position to:

Create new revenue streams to drive business growth

Growing revenue is a challenge for all businesses. Yes, you can put your prices up, but price increases won’t deliver real commercial impact. What’s more, if your clients aren’t seeing the value in paying your higher prices, they’re going to look elsewhere.

A sure-fire way to make an impact on the bottom line is to create upsell opportunities. But in order to create an upgrade path, you need new product features that you can offer as part of the upgrade. With a tech partner integrating directly into your technology, you can enhance your product with so much more data and insight, as well as leveraging an array of unique marketing analytics features, such as call tracking, speech analytics, and marketing attribution tools.

Strengthen your weaknesses, fill in data gaps, and provide additional resources

Today, data is everywhere. But that doesn’t mean data-gathering technology is delivering the most value from it. In fact, many technology products and services merely scratch the surface of the data that’s available. Enriching your product with more layers of data and insight ensures that your clients are able to get maximum value from it. With an integration, you can achieve new levels of granularity in your data, with features such as call-to-action tracking – which lets you deep dive into which calls to action are generating the most conversions across online and offline channels.

Traditionally, data from marketing campaigns has lived in silos, spread across multiple tools and platforms. As our reliance on data grows, this way of working becomes increasingly inefficient and unproductive for your clients. Integrating data from Mediahawk provides your clients with the ability to bring many different kinds of campaign data into one, central platform. From there, the process of collating and analysing data to drive decision making is far more efficient – and more accurate, too.

For some technology platforms, there may be gaps in the data you’re able to produce for clients. Mediahawk helps with this, by giving your clients data that they may not be aware exists – such as the performance of offline marketing channels, or the keywords and phrases actually spoken by customers during telephone calls – and plugging any data gaps your own technology may have.

Future-proof your business, enter new markets, and grow your customer base

Expanding into new, lucrative markets is a sure-fire way to grow your SaaS business. But what if you don’t have the feature set just yet? Or your existing customers have highlighted a gap in the data that needs to be bridged? Combining skillsets with the right technology partner enables you to upscale your product and your business. By integrating call tracking and marketing attribution data into your product, you can deliver new features and functionality for other markets and target audiences.

Differentiate yourself from competitors

Improving your competitive advantage will be high on your list of priorities, and you have two main ways of doing this: delivering ever-greater levels of customer service, or developing a product with features your competitors don’t have. A Mediahawk integration is a great solution to help with the latter, putting powerful call tracking and marketing attribution features directly into your technology and giving your clients access to tools they won’t get from your competitors’ products

Call tracking is one of the best and easiest ways to boost the value of your offering for your customers and clients. Put simply, it gives them access to powerful marketing analytics insights to help them understand the true value of their marketing activities and return on investment. And it puts deeper functionality into your product, making you more attractive to clients, improving their user experience, and increasing their use of the product. In turn, you’ll see results in high customer retention rates, and low customer churn.

Choosing the right strategic technology partner

The right technology partner for you will act as an extension of your team. We bring valuable knowledge, skills, and insight to the table, so we’re a true strategic partner in every sense. We’re committed to understanding the problems that you’re trying to solve for your clients, and providing the solutions that will support you and put you at a significant competitive advantage.

With the unique and comprehensive features that Mediahawk provides, including call tracking, speech analytics, and marketing attribution tools, you can create new upgrade paths for clients, deliver more granular data, fill gaps in data, make your clients’ lives easier, enter new markets, and further differentiate yourself from competitors. The data that you get from integrating with Mediahawk means you can enrich your existing technology, provide valuable insights into your clients’ marketing and sales performance, as well as the customer experience. Ultimately, the partnership will also improve your overall strategy and return on investment: providing you with a data rich platform to mine and enabling you to create a streamlined, end-to-end, unique product, that propels you way ahead of your competitors.

Here are three types of technology platforms that integrate Mediahawk to drive business growth – and why they do it:

1. Business directories and online marketplaces

Track the interactions your directories and marketplaces are generating for your customers. By integrating with Mediahawk, you can provide in-depth insight and demonstrate tangible value to the businesses who advertise on your sites. You can accurately report on the:

  • Number of phone calls you generate for each listing.
  • All the website referrals you send to them.
  • The marketing sources that prospects are responding to.
  • Every individual visitor journey, including multiple visits, and all interactions.
  • Views of images, videos, and much more.

2. Lead and occupancy management platforms and CRM systems

For technology such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and lead and occupancy management platforms, the devil’s in the data. Your clients need to prove exactly where their leads are coming from and are looking to dive ever-deeper into their data to prove their campaigns are working.

Integrating with Mediahawk enables you to pull over 80 data points for every lead or enquiry – across both phone and online conversions. This enriches your product with additional data and insights, giving your clients many more ways of slicing and dicing their data for deeper analysis.

This enriches your product with additional data and insights, giving your clients many more ways of slicing and dicing their data for deeper analysis.

For example, they’ll be able to see the marketing source and medium for each enquiry, or even the PPC keywords that convert at the highest value.

Another valuable insight your clients will gain is any sales trends for particular channels. So for example, a care home business will be able to understand whether prospects are searching for residential or respite services, and ensure their marketing strategies are reaching their target audience.

3. Marketing automation software

Where marketing automation tools are concerned, phone call data gives your clients a much more complete picture of their analytics. It ensures they don’t miss out on a crucial interaction that provides the final piece of the puzzle – giving them all the metrics that they need so that they can make much smarter decisions in their strategy.

For example, with a Mediahawk integration, web visitor tracking software firms can expand their offering to show how many times someone has called their client, in addition to the other details the software captures about people’s web visit.

Scale your B2B offering for sustained growth

Learn more about our Technology Partner Programme and how it can help you drive results. By bringing Mediahawk’s call tracking and marketing attribution tools into your technology you’ll help your clients improve their processes, increase efficiency by bringing everything together in one platform, and improve profitability by giving them accurate and complete data. In turn, that makes your technology a whole lot more appealing and sticky.

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Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

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