Get on track with offering cross channel marketing services

Are most of your client campaigns multi-channel? And do you get the feeling you’re in for another round of your favourite marketing attribution puzzle each time you scope a new campaign?

That’s because your clients are using an increasing number of tools to manage their marketing and advertising and, according to a survey by the IAB & Winterberry Group, cross-channel measurement and attribution is expected to occupy more and more of the marketer’s time in 2016.

Outlook for data graph.

Source: IAB & Winterberry Group, The Outlook for Data 2016: A Snapshot Into Digital Media and the Evolving Role of Audience Insight. Research from the IAB Data Centre of Excellence, January 2016

Cross channel measurement and attribution requires a lot of time because the information is often manually processed and analysed from a variety of sources which are not talking to each other. This is an important pain point which marketing solution providers and marketing agencies gain to address.

So I thought I’d take a look at where the gains are and talk about some ways in which agencies and marketing services providers can build their own answers to tackling cross channel measurement and attribution for their clients.

A mostly untapped competitive advantage

First off, if this task is difficult to complete for the owners of the data, it doesn’t get much easier for you, their marketing services providers, as you often need to piece the puzzle together from scratch. Many shy away from the task but you don’t have to.

Next generation marketing agencies and solutions providers integrate their clients’ cross channel data for them and provide more comprehensive and data-driven attribution models. Not only that, they present their insights in a personalised way to fully demonstrate the value of their work. They offer something that no single client has time for or full control over: breadth and quality of insights drawn from the best data and specialist expertise.

In doing this effectively, they gain a high value competitive advantage.

Where do you start? At the source.

Work with the right data providers to get the right data

Data providers come in many shapes. If you are building an offering based on data, then accuracy should be your number one priority and the one thing you cannot compromise on.

Some providers try to extend their reach and offer solutions that already integrate external data. In doing so they are offering a confused and frankly lesser quality integration. The core data they provide may be accurate, however the overall solution suffers from being diluted with uncontrolled and inaccurate other data which they do not specialise in sourcing.

What you are left with then, is a hot pot of information which you cannot credibly rely on.

At Mediahawk, our approach has always been to focus entirely on what we specialise in: tracking calls. Any additional data provided is the result of our own specialised measurement methodology which enables us to track calls from their first source. Our reports provide unadulterated and ultra-focused insights into how your campaigns and overall marketing work are delivering calls and converting call leads.

We know this means figuring out a set of data sources and getting them to talk to each other and that can seem daunting, but the right providers will also:

  • Provide friendly, helpful support to their partners
  • Provide flexible ways to integrate their data and insights
  • Have specialist experience which you can leverage as if it were your own

Work in partnership with your sources and you can build a completely unique, high value, and differentiating offering that will work for you time and again when facing competition.

It’s all about the chemistry. With the right partners, building your integrated offering is not so daunting anymore.

Presenting your specialist insights

Once you’ve got your integrated services on the go you may want to be able to easily display specialist insights to your clients. Take for example our partners wanting to give detailed call tracking reports to their clients.

There’s no point re-inventing the wheel. Instead, Mediahawk provides them with a fully white-labelled solution, including for example:

  • Full reporting dashboard
  • Daily or weekly email reports
  • Product sheets detailing features
  • Pricing information
  • Partner case studies

All of these and much more with your logo and contact information.

Take the Mediahawk reporting dashboard for example:

Mediahawk report screenshot.

Our comprehensive yet easy to use reporting portal enables you to place your own logo, change the colours, change the contact information and we go as far as enabling personalised views for users.

Personalised user views

Each dashboard within your client call tracking reporting portal can be customised. Your users each have different roles and focuses within their business. This functionality enables you to give your clients key overview information that is personalised to exactly what they need!

No time wasting for users, and a new way for you to offer completely personalised services to your clients. Best of all it’s very easy to achieve:

Mediahawk custom dashboard screenshot.

Add or remove the widgets you want to display – and that’s it.

Rounding up

In summary, while the task seems daunting building cross channel measurement and attribution within your marketing services doesn’t have to be:

  1. Find and partner with high-value specialists for the right sources of data.
  2. Offer integrated insights and impress by demonstrating specialist expertise too.
  3. Package it up and present it with flair.
  4. Focus on building your business and delighting your clients.

When you’ve got a reliable process for handling your data sources and integrating them, scoping and delivering your clients’ multi-channel campaigns will no longer be a daunting puzzle. You’ll pull that rabbit out of the hat every time and amaze your clients.

You’ll find more time for the showmanship, and build a more compelling and difficult to rebuff proposition.

We’d love to hear how you are delivering cross channel measurement and attribution and if you’d like to discuss how we can help – let us know.

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

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