Track all customer interactions with Call-to-Action tracking

Track more than just calls with Mediahawk’s new feature. Picture this scenario (it might sound familiar). You work for a business whose sales rely on customers phoning in, filling out forms, downloading docs, clicking on website email links and hosting live chats. Now your CMO asks you for a report on all the most popular call-to-actions on your website.

Your shoulders slump as you know you can do it, but it will take hours as the data is scattered in five different places.

All you want is a simple way to see how many live chats, calls and forms your Google Ads have triggered. Better still, imagine what you could do with information that show the types and time specific call-to-actions are triggered throughout a typical buying journey?

Well, now you can have it…

Our new Call-to-Action Tracking feature shows you every interaction that has taken place from first click, to conversion. Not just at a channel level, but per user.

Furthermore, you can look at each visitor journey to see their every visit, touch-point, contact and when it happened. We can even record their phone calls to understand their intent when they want to talk. Google Analytics can’t do this.

For example, let’s say you send a customer an email containing a downloadable eBook. If the customer clicks the “download” CTA, then activates a live chat before deciding to pick up the phone, you’d want to analyse these individual steps from start to finish.

Can’t I track this through Google?

The truth is – Google can only report on so much. The trail tends to end when customers go offline. Even online – they can’t show you all the touch-points each visitor engages with. This is vital information for marketers. You work hard to put good content, features and other call-to-actions on your site – so you need to know what’s working.

Also remember, the path to conversion isn’t linear, it’s more like spaghetti and your customers will use at least six touch-points while buying an item, and over a few days.

Find Out More About Call-to-Action Tracking

If you would like more information on how this can make your life easier, contact us now for a no obligation chat.

About the author

Author: Natalia Selby

Marketing coordinator at Mediahawk, with over 10 years experience in analytics, content management and eCommerce.

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