Marketing insights for practice managers

Marketing is key to attracting new patients, especially in the fiercely competitive healthcare market where the majority of new patients will pick up the phone to make an appointment.

Marketing insights for practice managers

Whether you’re a care home, private healthcare provider, dental practice, or a vet, the human touch is important. Prospective patients often prefer to contact a practice by phone due to the personal nature of enquiries.

Do you know where your new patients are finding you? And are you sure your marketing budget is being spent on the right activities, and in the right channels?

Our eBook for healthcare practices explains how you can:

  • Reveal the areas of healthcare that are in demand, and how this varies during the year
  • Ensure that your marketing agency campaigns are being run effectively, and link these to appointments
  • Optimise your pay-per-click campaigns using the right keywords and make smarter use of your marketing budget


Find your best-performing campaigns in an instant

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