Top 5 tips for your dealership marketing strategy in 2022

Guest post: One of our partners, MB Advertising & Marketing Ltd, have highlighted five top areas that are integral for your dealership marketing strategy this year.

1. Make sure your marketing strategy is aligned with the car buyers’ journey

The way people buy cars has changed over the last two years. Gone are the days when customers bought solely from visiting dealerships. Online research shows that customers, in particular the younger generation, are now adopting a digital and omnichannel approach to buying their cars because it offers greater convenience and fits around their busy lifestyles.

Does your current marketing strategy account for this change in buying behaviour? If your approach hasn’t evolved, you‘ll miss out on opportunities to sell cars to the growing number of consumers who want to buy a car in way that is convenient to them. .

2. Use eCRM to build brand loyalty, communicate better and to sell more cars

Communicating the right message, in the right way and at the right time can be challenging. Use data-driven eCRM software to map out simultaneous car-buying journeys, and create a series of timely customer notifications/alerts by email, SMS and post. It will also enable you to deliver, track and measure personalised communications across multiple channels and throughout all stages of your customers’ car-buying lifecycle from the initial enquiry through to the resale of the car

In today’s digitally-driven world, you can’t afford to be without a robust eCRM strategy. This will drive sales conversions and maximise opportunities across all channels for your dealership. What’s more, an eCRM strategy is proven to build brand loyalty and improve communications with new and existing customers..

3. Use car showroom events to increase your forward order bank

Drive engagement and conversions by 82% with car showroom events. If you’re responsible for selling more cars and keeping your forward order bank going, then running a physical, online or blended car show room event with a mobile-first car showroom event solution, is high on our recommendations to drive sales opportunities and conversions.

Our Event Platform incorporates two new powerful features:

  • Cart abandonment feature: re-engage with your customers who have logged into the platform but haven’t booked an appointment to complete their booking helping to drive conversions even further.
  • Live-time dealer notification dashboard sends daily and hourly notifications direct to your sales team with latest event performance statistics so that they can be kept highly engaged and maximise on all event opportunities.

Our data shows that the global pandemic significantly changed consumer behaviour. 80% of customers now use mobile devices to book a car appointment – an increase of 33%. This means that if your event solution isn’t 100% optimised for mobile, then you’ll lose out on significant opportunities.

4. Your EV car strategy should be in full throttle

If you’re yet to fully invest in your EV strategy, now is the time before it’s too late. Your customers are looking for re-assurance and reliable data insights from you – their Electric Vehicle experts – to guide and inform them about a wide range of aspects relating to their EV car buying journey.

By directly addressing your customers’ EV challenges, fears, and barriers across all channels, using informative and educational content to ‘Go Electric’ will build trust, brand loyalty and long-term marketing success for your dealership.

5. Make a positive change for better marketing results in 2022

Q1 is a great opportunity to question whether your existing marketing is generating the best results and whether new marketing approaches are needed to drive engagement and conversions and improve your customers’ car buying journey.

Our tips will help you create the most effective strategy, sculpted perfectly to align with your new and existing customers’ behaviours, for better results in 2022

Partner with a results driven marketing agency that has been working with automotive clients for over three decades, and make your marketing more successful. Make a positive change with your dealership marketing and partner with MB today:

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

5 essentials for marketing EVs.
5 essentials for marketing EVs

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