Bringing you speech analytics and other new feature enhancements

Natalia Selby

Written by Natalia Selby

Category: Data and analytics
Mediahawk’s spring release delivers powerful enhancements to our client experience with new features that will help your marketing teams drive further value from your analytics.

Speech Analytics

We’re excited to announce our new major feature which will analyse your calls using leading speech recognition technology. It listens out for specific spoken keywords and phrases and at the click of a button you can:

  • Instantly reveal callers with a high intent to purchase and prioritise these “hot leads” for sales teams
  • Categorise calls based on spoken keywords – no need to listen to or manually categorise to learn whether they are a sales or support call
  • Personalise future marketing activities to the caller based on specific keywords within their call
  • Improve your marketing Return on Investment by removing marketing expenditure which is producing calls that are not revenue generating, such as support or customer service calls.
  • Monitor which promotions the call centre agents are focused on and correlations in leads generated

> More about Speech Analytics

What else is new?

Call-to-Action Tracking

This new feature gives you the ability to track any online visitor interaction including live chat sessions, click-to-call-back, webpage email clicks, as well as phone calls. View the full visitor journey – every touchpoint and call-to-action they’ve interacted with from start to finish. Report with confidence – knowing exactly which channels your visitors prefer to connect with you.

> More about Call-to-Action Tracking

Email Reports and Call Alerts

Email any Mediahawk report regularly to anyone in your business. This makes it more flexible for you to share information. In addition, any person can now receive missed/received call alerts.

Smart Match Calls

We’ve improved our algorithm that attributes post visit calls back to the original visit and marketing activity. This makes reporting much more accurate.

Track Sales From Your CRM

We’ve made it easier to match revenue in your CRM with your marketing campaigns. It’s faster using our Dynamic numbers to identify the source, medium and keyword which led to the sale and calculate the ROI of your marketing activity.