New release: Mediahawk launches integration with Facebook and Instagram Ads platform

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Social media continues to be a popular advertising choice for marketers, with ad revenues projected to reach over US$45billion in 2022*. Yet every day, when customers see your ads but pick up the phone to make an enquiry instead of completing a conversion online, your campaigns are not getting the credit they deserve.

At Mediahawk, we’re excited to announce the launch of our Facebook and Instagram Ads integration, enabling you to attribute calls from your social campaigns.

With this integration, you’ll be able to demonstrate that your effort and investment is paying off. You may even find that your campaigns are performing at a higher ROI than you realise.

As well as seeing the phone calls that came in as a result of social ad campaigns, other benefits include:

  • Identifying the cost per call, value of each call, and linking it to sales data to see the revenue attributed with the call
  • Seeing how your ads influence the performance of other calls to action – such as live chat, downloads, and opt-ins to marketing emails
  • Create look-a-like audiences based on call data that led to leads and sales to develop your social campaigns to target optimal audiences.

For existing Mediahawk clients, use our easy-to-follow guide to integrate with your Facebook account, or speak to Client Services for support.

If you’re using Facebook Ads for Facebook or Instagram advertising and would like to understand how your social campaigns are contributing to your enquiries, and get a complete picture of your ROI, contact us for a free personalised demo.

*source: eMarketer, 2020

About the author - Faye Thomassen

Head of Marketing at Mediahawk. CIM Chartered Marketer with an extensive career covering a wide range of sectors and experience including: driving digital marketing and communications strategies and tactics, managing the development of channels, building brands, and creating and launching digital products.

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Facebook Ads integration

Find out more about Mediahawk’s call tracking integration for Facebook and Instagram paid ads.

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