GA4 events: Made for call tracking

GA4 is the future. Google will stop processing data through Universal Analytics (UA) from 1 July 2023. If you haven’t already made the switch to GA4, we recommend that you get set up now.

Running GA4 alongside your existing UA account will ensure your analytics data remains uninterrupted when the change happens. You won’t miss out on your year on year data, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn the reports and refine your analytics. Setting up your call tracking data in GA4 is equally important. Adding call tracking event information to your GA4 account is simple with Mediahawk, analysing this data is easy, and we can help and advise you.

GA4 events: A new way of thinking

GA4 completely shakes up the way that you need to think about data in your analytics. The good news is that it’s a lot more flexible. And using our completely customisable integration, you’ll be able to see your online analytics data, as well as all your call conversions and other calls-to-action (CTAs) seamlessly.

The main metrics that GA4 uses for reporting are: acquisition, engagement, monetisation, and retention. This puts the focus on the customer journey and lifecycle.

The model is completely event driven and designed for a future where journeys are more complex, they cross platforms and devices, and are harder to measure – helping you build a complete picture of web and app performance. This is great news for marketers using call tracking. When a customer moves offline to convert – such as calling your business – the journey becomes inherently more complex. Trying to link offline conversion data with a customer’s online journey becomes much more difficult.

Mediahawk and GA4 working together

Our completely customisable integration allows you to send as much – or as little – data as you want into GA4.

You pick the event name and all the parameters, and you have the ability to choose from over 80 data points in Mediahawk to send to GA. This gives you the flexibility to send any information you want into GA to augment the data automatically collected, generating even more data points for you to analyse.

Significant research went into improving our understanding of GA4, and we can advise you how to include calls in your GA4 set up. Within our marketing, technical, and client services teams, we’ve carried out hours of GA4 training, research, and understanding of the technical aspects and changes from UA. Through extensive consultation with clients, we’ve developed a seamless and flexible way to get your data into GA4 and help you reap the benefits from the new GA reporting framework.

The benefits of seeing your phone calls in GA4

If your business receives phone calls, you need to include these in your analytics alongside online conversions – building up a complete picture of web and phone leads.

Integrating call tracking software into GA4 will allow you to see everything in one place – your web activity, online conversions, and calls combined.

With your calls pulled into GA4 as events, the options available to you are now endless. The way you analyse your data is no longer restricted by the reports available in Universal Analytics. You’ll have the full AI data analysis capabilities of GA4 at your fingertips. You can:

  • See the journeys that are most likely to convert into a phone call
  • Understand the revenue that each marketing source is generating through phone calls
  • Add phone-driven sales information alongside your e-commerce conversions

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About the author - Murray Picton

Head of Development at Mediahawk with over 10 years’ experience leading high performing development teams. Murray is an expert in call tracking and marketing attribution, working with customers to build outstanding products that increase revenue through accurate marketing analytics.

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