The care home marketer’s guide to marketing attribution

Is it an art or is it a science? Marketing attribution may seem like something that’s best left to techy, analytics geeks.

But in today’s multichannel world, it’s an essential consideration for every marketer. Without it, you can never fully understand the true impact of your care home marketing campaigns on your ROI.

What is marketing attribution?

To get straight to the point, marketing attribution links conversions and revenue to specific marketing activities.

For a care home, it can help you understand which of your marketing tactics truly drive new resident enquiries and move-ins.

After all, that’s what really matters, isn’t it?

How does marketing attribution work?

Imagine for a moment that a potential care home client sees one of your banner ads on a website. Later that day, they see another ad on social media. The next day, they visit your website, fill in an enquiry form and become a prospective lead.

In this scenario, marketing attribution allows you to see the touchpoints that occurred during that journey. Crucially, a good marketing attribution tool will show you all the touchpoints that occurred – including the ones in the middle of the journey, which can be notoriously difficult to track.

See how Dormy Care Communities uses Mediahawk to better understand its customers.

Why does marketing attribution matter for care homes?

As a care home marketer, your budget is precious. And in our multichannel world, budgets are spread more thinly than ever.

PPC, social media, email marketing, print advertising and more all have to be factored into your strategy. And they all cost money. A lot of money.

It’s especially frustrating when you spend a chunk of your budget on a campaign that falls flat. Perhaps you go all out on some PPC work that just doesn’t return the results you expected.

Luckily, marketing attribution can help you better understand your target audience’s buying journey and behaviour. And in turn, it can help you know which activities have the most impact on enquiries and move-ins.

How care home marketers use Mediahawk

When it comes to marketing attribution, Mediahawk is designed to help care home marketers at every step.

With the attribution features in Mediahawk, care home teams can achieve three big wins:

  • Understand the true ROI and impact marketing has on your bottom line
  • Know the top converting channels to help improve lead generation and ROI
  • Understand the customer journey and know every touchpoint, to improve targeting and campaign personalisation

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Beyond this, care home marketing teams can use Mediahawk to deliver big business benefits:

You can pinpoint the most profitable marketing mix

Marketing attribution gives you a detailed look into the marketing sources and campaigns that generate your most qualified care home leads. With the marketing attribution report in Mediahawk, you can see which sources and mediums are generating revenue, and at which stage of the journey this happens.

Connect the online and offline customer journey

When you have a disconnect between your online and offline marketing activities, it can be incredibly difficult to understand which activities contribute most to your ROI. With advanced marketing attribution, you’ll get a complete picture of the buying journey from start to finish – wherever the interactions happen.

Optimise future campaigns for the best results

With the insights marketing attribution tools give you, you can optimise your current campaigns and plan for more cost-effective, high performing future ones. For example, with Mediahawk, the call to action tracking feature means you can see what types of content drive interactions, and what prospective clients tend to do next – giving you a good insight into what will work best for future campaigns.

Know your customers better than ever before

With all this insight on the customer journey and customer behaviour, you can really start to make better-informed decisions – such as what types of content to create, what promotions to offer and which channels to prioritise.

For a busy care home marketing team, there really is no time for wastage – in terms of your budget or your time.

Thankfully, marketing attribution tools offer a solution. For very little effort, they give you a concrete understanding of target audience behaviour and greater certainty over which marketing tactics will work, and which won’t.

About the author - Natalia Selby

Marketing Executive at Mediahawk, with 20 years experience in analytics and content management.

Care home resident.
How care home marketers succeed with Mediahawk

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